HR FAQ Automation

Automate answers to the most frequent questions of your employees

  • Apply LeavesLeena AI allows employees to apply for leaves and check their leave balance on chat. Leena AI integrates with HRIS’s like SAP Success Factors, Workday, Oracle Fusion, PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM, SAP HCM, etc. to apply leave on behalf of the employee
  • Ask queriesLeena AI will consume all of your policy documents and start answering questions asked about HR policies. Leena AI can also learn from past queries & FAQs. Unlike humans, Leena AI is always awake and can answer your questions instantly at any time.
  • Vacation PlanningIf Leena AI notices that your holidays are expiring soon, she will help you plan your vacation
  • Raise ticketsIf the bot is not able to understand employees query, Leena AI will send a mail/raise a ticket to the helpdesk. Leena AI is a self-learning cognitive agent & any responses sent by designated HR will be automatically learned by Leena AI

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