Automating your HR helpdesk

Leena AI is an AI-powered HR Assistant providing instant responses to employee queries and improving employee experience

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Effortlessly handle Performance Management

Schedule Continuous Conversations with managers and voice mutual feedback, while we turn the data into useful insights to handle company talent better.

Empower your employees to build careers

Connect your employees with mentors in aspiring positions who can suggest them relevant skills or recommend courses to pursue.

Give all your employees a voice

Schedule dipstick surveys, track the mood of the organisation with a happiness score, and obtain actionable insights for each team.

Automate repetitive HR Service queries

Apply for, approve, and track all your leaves, request reimbursements and tax returns, handle first-contact with potential recruits, and contextually clarify all company policies.

Gallup estimates that actively unhappy workers cost the United States $450 billion to $550 billion a year

Introducing Leena


Leena is accessible to all your employees anytime, anywhere.


Leena is available on multiple platforms and channels of communication

Simple & standard UI

Leena works using standard platform UI for minimal confusion and best user experience

Consumer Grade

Leena is adaptive, scalable and modular to stay ahead of your employees’ changing requirements

Concurrent Conversations

Leena can communicate with multiple entities at the same time

Instant response

Leena eliminates the waiting between asking a question and receiving an answer


Leena faces no exhaustion, anger, boredom, or office timings, and is available to all employees at all times.

Personalized experience

Leena’s AI engine allows personalised interactions with every employee

Ticketing System

1. Ticketing Dashboard keeps record of all the tickets raised by the employees over the bot in case a query is out of the scope of Leena AI
2. Ticketing Dashboard provides information on status of the query raised, assignee details, reporter details, date and type of ticket raised
3. So, completing the whole loop of the queries raised by the employees

Leena integrates with Oracle Taleo, Trinet, Workday, PeopleSoft, Successfactors, ADP.

HR Integrations

Leena integrates with leading HR Management Systems, automating database updates and queries on some of the most routine tasks performed by HRs.

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Leena is where your employees are

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1. Predicting disengagement & attrition
2. Tracking effects of new initiatives or policy changes
4. Knowing the general mood of a department/team or the entire company
4. Knowing the general mood company wide or department/team wise

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Laptop depiction of using Leena AI to track the Mood Index of employees in an organisation

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