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Leena AI customer Cocacola
Coca-Cola Vietnam“Saved 40% of our time for signing off employee requests”
The platform had to act as the linchpin for the current systems that were operating in isolation. Leena AI conversational platform fit the bill perfectly. It integrated with the Workplace by Facebook and……read more
Leena AI customer AirAsia
AirAsia“Automated one-third of our employee queries”
AirAsia had already envisioned complete digitization in its organization to improve the employee experience. That’s where Leena AI came into the picture. Implementation of AskPAC……read more
Leena AI customer HCCB
HCCB“Gave a quick overview of the organization’s health”
Since the workforce at HCCB was scattered and most of the processes were managed manually, the escalation and closure of any issue took far more time than needed. Moreover, there was no clear visibility….read more
Leena AI customer ACG World
ACG World“Helped with real-time analysis of employee responses”
Owing to the aftermath that the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon the world, our company announced WFH for the entire financial year. In this situation, we looked at the digitalization of the HR processes….read more
Leena AI customer Piramal
Piramal“Helped us broadcast information related to COVID protocols”
To ensure timely resolution of all the queries, the HR team spent a major amount of their time responding to repetitive requests. Despite putting in huge efforts to manage and monitor all the employee queries, the more
Leena AI customer KEC
KEC International“Offered seamless HR service delivery to our employees”
In 2018, during one of their Action Planning Workshops, a clear need was felt for faster and smarter access to information on people and processes. With an increase in hiring activity and……read more
Leena AI customer RateGain
RateGain“Forum where one can share anonymous feedback”
RateGain now has an employee experience program that allows them to collect feedback throughout the employee lifecycle. Leena AI offers them complete flexibility in terms of customization and……
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