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Leena AI customer Cocacola
Coca-Cola Vietnam“Saved 40% of our time for signing off employee requests”
The platform had to act as the linchpin for the current systems that were operating in isolation. Leena AI conversational platform fit the bill perfectly. It integrated with the Workplace by Facebook and……read more
Leena AI customer AirAsia
AirAsia“Automated one-third of our employee queries”
AirAsia had already envisioned complete digitization in its organization to improve the employee experience. That’s where Leena AI came into the picture. Implementation of AskPAC……read more
Leena AI customer RateGain
RateGain“Forum where one can share anonymous feedback”
RateGain now has an employee experience program that allows them to collect feedback throughout the employee lifecycle. Leena AI offers them complete flexibility in terms of customization and……
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Leena AI customer KEC
KEC“A single platform for resolving all employee requests”
While Leena AI started as an HR policy bot, they realized its potential for resolving all employee problems and requests. It helped them figure out frequently repeating issues and planning………
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Leena AI customer Piramal
Piramal“Streamlined and automated employee workflows to save time”
Earlier, the time required to sign-off requests was very high as the senior managers were involved in the processes. Leena AI automated the entire workflow and made it easy to process capital……
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Leena AI customer HCCB
HCCB“Gave a quick overview of the organization’s health”
The big success story for them was HealthPulse which gave a quick up to date overview of the organization’s health and safety status. They are now beginning to track individual module……
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