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What is HR software?
HR software takes over administrative tasks and performs them on behalf of the HR department. It frees up the HR staff’s bandwidth and helps them achieve the overall organizational HR goals by being more productive and efficient.
An HR software automates all repetitive tasks that come under the ambit of the HR department, provides a unified view of employee information, and even generates insightful data-driven reports that HR can use to improve the workplace.Payroll software manages and automates employee payments. It maintains payment records and employee salary details and also helps organizations adhere to local tax regulations. While payroll software is a kind of HR software, its role is limited to payroll management and it does not automate any other administrative tasks.
What are the benefits of using HR software for your business?
Frees up HR’s time
HR software automates repetitive HR tasks like managing employee information, document processing, posting job roles on online portals, and analyzing employee performance. It helps human resource professionals save their time and allows them to concentrate on more nuanced processes.
Improves employee experience
An HR software automates several workflows such as applying for leaves, tracking leave balances, uploading documents, and getting information on employee benefits. This saves employees’ time and makes them feel like they have a digital guide to help them out with mundane tasks.
Better work culture
HR software constantly collects feedback from employees and provides insights on areas of dissatisfaction among them. Organisations can use these data-backed insights to improve their work culture, employee performance, and even employee engagement.
Performance tracking
An HR software can help organisations track employee performance on a regular basis by measuring deliverables against KPIs. It can provide detailed reports about achievements and KPIs that have not been met, in turn helping the organisation give constructive feedback to employees.