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What is an HR virtual assistant?
HR virtual assistant (HRVA) is a software that serves as a personal assistant for each employee, providing online support to them as and when needed. It performs administrative functions on the behalf of HR teams, answers employee queries, and can also send out periodic surveys to gauge levels of employee engagement.
HRVAs that are enabled with conversational AI and machine learning are a lot more equipped to make interactions relevant and make employees feel like they’re conversing with a human assistant.HR chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with employees over the internet. They can sense the context of the conversation and execute the case-specific workflows. However, chatbots cannot fetch answers, perform activities independently, or offer assistance for a wide range of requests. They are meant to automate repetitive tasks but not to function as full-fledged assistants for employees.
What are the benefits of an HR Virtual assistant for businesses?
Streamlines recruitment
HRVAs can streamline the recruitment process and make it error-free. AI-backed HRVAs scrutinize candidate profiles, send the suitable ones to the HR department, and automatically send polite rejection emails to ineligible candidates. These assistants stay with new employees and answer their queries, in turn making it easier for them to fit in.
FAQ automation
HR departments are often flooded with questions about rules, policies, and other information specific to an enterprise. Sometimes details are case-sensitive and HR personnel might not have the exact answer. An HRVA can scan through online and offline resources and provide accurate answers to such questions in record time. Thereby freeing up your HR’s time.
Improve employee interactions
When connecting with a machine, i.e your HRVA, employees tend to be more honest and do not fear judgment. An HRVA can ask your employee anything and as long as the responses are anonymous the answers received will be brutally honest. This can help enhance employee interaction and also allow your HR department to concentrate on other pressing issues that require a human mind, such as toxic work culture and harassment at the workplace.