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Research Report
The State of Employee Onboarding in the US
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Trusted by global Fortune 500 enterprises
83% of respondents have indicated that they are very likely to adopt an automated onboarding process in the next 12 – 24 months
55% of organizations said that it takes them one month or more to fill a position.
67% of respondents complain about more than 10% drop-off rate pre-joining.
Large-size organizations face more than 16% attrition within the first six months.
More than 50% of organizations have shifted to online applications, virtual hiring & onboarding post Covid.
68% of organizations are already using AI in their hiring and onboarding processes
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The employee onboarding trends before and after the pandemic are poles apart. As per this report, more than 50% of the organizations have shifted to virtual hiring and employee onboarding, and 68% of organizations are already using AI to automate the same. Witnessing its positive impact on employee productivity and engagement, 41% of the respondents anticipate immediate automation within the next 6-12 months.
While your organization continues to hire or onboard new talent, you need to understand the needs of the new ‘future of work’ and tailor your processes accordingly to attract and retain top talent. This report will help you understand the major talent acquisition and onboarding challenges, and how you can easily resolve those using automation and AI.
Attracting the right candidates
Hiring fast
Lack of qualified candidates
Rising employee expectation
Expanding candidate reach
Adoption of new technology
Building a strong employer brand
Using data-driven recruitment
Integrating multiple recruitment solutions
Top Challenges of TA Teams
Sneak peekThe report is primarily divided into three sections:
‘Talent acquisition landscape’ assesses the hiring plan and strategy of organizations in different industries, and the hurdles they are facing to hire the right talent.
‘Current state of employee onboarding’ mentions the average cost and time organizations spend on employee onboarding, major challenges that lead to attrition and drop off, and proven ways to make the onboarding smoother.
‘Automation and AI in onboarding’ deliver important insights about the shift of employee onboarding trends during the pandemic, bottlenecks organizations are facing in the implementation of AI, and anticipated adoption of AI in onboarding.
Know everything about the shift in employee onboarding and talent acquisition trends in the US
Know everything about the shift in employee onboarding and talent acquisition trends in the US