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Smart, safe, & compliant employee document managementOffer a central document hub with WorkLMTM driven document management and updating capabilities. Ensure automatic document governance, access and compliance protocols.
Trusted by global Fortune 500 enterprises
Enhancing document management efficiency with Leena AI
100%automated document management experiences
90%faster access to files for employees and HR teams
3xproductivity boost due to lesser app-switching
Unlock the potential of a future-ready employee experience
Automated compliances
Automated compliancesAutomate compliance policies, ensure enterprise-grade security for your folders and enforce file controls including GDPR/HIPAA based controls with ease.
Out-of-the-box notifications
Out-of-the-box notificationsEnsure process adherence with automated notifications, create alerts for unauthorized accesses and define document purge timelines for expiring documents.
Omni-channelEnsure that employees as well as HR teams can access files and folders from the devices and channels of their choice- web, mobile app, Slack, Teams, and more.
Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Functionality
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Keep an audit of your documents
Leena AI gives you useful insights into file and folder viewership information, document engagement trends, unauthorized access cases and more. The assistant can also schedule customized reports to be delivered to you regularly as per your needs.
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Industry recognition and customer trust: A testament to our excellence
Leena AI is recognized by Gartner as a major vendor in the following categories:
AI Applications in IT Service Management
Virtual Assistant
Employee Experience Tech Orchestrators
Integrated HR Service Management
Onboarding Software
Conversational AI Solutions
Leena AI has been featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Artificial Intelligence Applications in IT Service Management.
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Multi-faceted approach to security and compliance
Leena AI is GDPR compliant
Compliant to SOC2, 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701
We offer secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services & MS Azure Cloud Services
Servers globally present in US, Europe, Middle East, among other geos

Frequently asked questions

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What is employee document management?

Employee document management helps enterprise-specific storage, management and collaboration of employee documents key to ensuring a safe, compliant and productive workplace. It needs to work easily with external systems, ensure access to just authorized personnel, and align with geo-specific regulations around personal data management.

Why use a document management system?

A document management system is vital to ensure an updated, manageable and regulatory-safe resource pool that can assure enterprises of eligible resources working with them and of employee documents hosted safely with them. It also enables a unified hub centralizing employee documents that could be hosted anywhere while ensuring they are accessible to authorized employees. The system also automatically enforces local and regional regulations around enterprises storing and sharing employee documents that hold personal information that the former could use against the latter.

How can AI deliver more from an employee document management system?

Generative AI, the new normal today is now able to power more employee and employer-friendly outcomes via employee document management systems:
  • Contextually pull related or relevant documents from third parties based on the need
  • Offload employee effort by uploading documents requested by agents
  • Retain customer context even when the employee switches channels
  • Alerting employees of document expiry in advance and triggering workflows to have them auto-updated (applicable on a case-by-case basis)

How can it handle new documentation requests?

The document management solution has pre-configured templates to allow employees or agents to create any document from scratch, such as an embassy letter or an endorsement letter to apply for educational scholarships. Existing templates can be modified while new documents can be designed and stored as templates for future use.

How to set up a paperless document management system?

The following steps should be followed while setting up a document management system:
  • List all the frequently handled documents.
  • Define access rights for stakeholders
  • Map expiration timelines of documents.
  • Determine the security risks of storing different documents.
  • Create storage plans and archiving flows.
  • Explore automation options.
Experience Leena AI Workplace AI assistant for Document Management.
Experience Leena AI Workplace AI assistant for Document Management.