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A guide to buying the right employee engagement software
What organizational assessments should you make before buying this software?
To ensure you purchase software that is the right fit for your organization, it is important to consider the obstacles your HR department and your organization is facing at the moment. Take into account all such challenges before you settle on software.
Read on to know what kind of obstacles organizations usually face when implementing such software.
Old-school company culture: Several managers and HR stakeholders believe that employee engagement might not be related to retention at all. Employee feedback also does not feature at the top of their priority list, and hence making it a part of their agenda might be quite a challenge.
Before settling on software, make sure you’ve spoken to anyone with such an approach within your organization. Internal resistance to software implementation can often lead to more damage than good.
HR personnel feeling threatened by software: The fear of losing one’s job to automation is not a completely invalid one. If your HR personnel fear that implementing software can cause them to lose their job, make sure you communicate to them how they remain irreplaceable and that the process will always need them to intervene.
Having HR personnel feeling secure and on your team before you decide to purchase software is the only way to ensure the software is put to good use. Use effective and open communication to understand the HR department’s reservations and create a conducive environment for the implementation.
Buyers' guide
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