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While it’s widely known that organizations have a tough time hiring employees, it turns out employee retention is an equally major concern. Research suggests that the likelihood of an employee staying at a company is 76% up to a year after their hiring. After two years, there’s a 59% possibility, and after three years the chance goes down to 48%.
Retention of the employee over time
So, what can you do to retain employees and ensure you don’t spend a lot on repeatedly hiring and training new employees? Employee engagement is the answer.
It is widely known and accepted that employee retention is intrinsically linked to employee engagement. However, it is not unusual for organizations to lose sight of engagement, and instead, get caught up in perks and pay raises as a method to motivate and retain employees. While those methods can work for a while, in the long run only engagement can ensure employees stay with the organization.
Employee retention isn’t the only thing employee engagement ensures. From employee productivity to finding passion and purpose at work, engagement can go a long way in increasing the general happiness quotient among your employees.
While there is no denying that your HR department works hard to ensure employees do not leave the organization, it is only human to need a little bit of help. Employee engagement software that can help you streamline engagement strategies might be the boost your HR department needs to ensure more productive and dedicated employees. Read on to find out more about how to buy employee engagement software that is the right fit for your needs.
Buyers' guide
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Discover what matters to your employees in their own words