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A guide to buying the right employee engagement software
What are the red flags to watch out for when choosing employee engagement software?
An unusually high number of features: While it is good to check for the features you need and go for software that provides a holistic experience, no software should claim to do everything. If it does, chances are the claims do not hold much ground.
Unclear software pricing: We cannot reiterate this enough: beware of hidden costs. Check and recheck a software’s pricing as many times as possible and make sure to always have documented proof of the price you are offered which you can use in case you are charged extra.
Too many survey customization options: Too much of nothing is good, and this applies to survey customization options. Way too many customization options might lead to more confusion and inconsistency in the measurement of engagement. Make sure to go for software that gives you the right number of customizations.
No trial period available: Since software purchase is a long-term investment, you need to be able to evaluate before buying. While a complete experience might not be possible without payment, make sure you get a trial that is long enough for you to understand if the interface is user-friendly or not. After all, nobody wants software that is difficult to use.
That brings us to the end of our Employee Engagement Software buying guide. For any other information that you feel we might have missed out, contact us for free guidance.
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