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A guide to buying the right employee engagement software
What all should you take into consideration when buying employee engagement software?
Aside from the pricing and must-have features, there are some other aspects that you should take into consideration when deciding which software to buy.
Number of users: Most employee engagement software will charge you on a per user per month basis. Aside from checking for hidden costs, it is essential to take a definite headcount of the number of people who would be using this software within your organization before you settle on any software available in the market.
Survey customization: In order to really understand pain points and get the most out of feedback, it is essential to customize survey questions and frequency as per the insights received. Going for a software which allows your HR department to make these customizations will ensure surveys do not become redundant and have the employees’ attention in the long run.
Standalone tool v/s a comprehensive suite: Depending on your requirements, you can either go for an AI-equipped employee engagement tool or a comprehensive HR suite. An employee engagement tool is a good investment if you have not yet decided on buying software for all HR processes but are very sure your engagement process needs support. However, if you want to go for a tool that helps you with everything from onboarding to the employee exit process, then going for a comprehensive HR suite would be a better option.
Mobile application: Whether or not the software is accessible in the form of a mobile application is an aspect worth looking into. This can help employees complete surveys on the go, be notified about recognition initiatives, and be particularly helpful for departments that are on their feet.
Data security: Feedback surveys form the crux of employee engagement software, and these surveys store personal information as well as an honest piece of your employees’ minds. Leaking of this information, the responses of employees, or of their personal details could lead to major confidentiality issues. Employees might also start to alter their responses and become less honest, for fear of retaliation. It is, therefore, essential to go for software that ensures employee anonymity and confidentiality.
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