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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Quotes from Global Experts and Leaders

The world of work has seen a tectonic shift post the pandemic. While employers struggle to attract and retain quality talent, employees are looking for the ideal employer.

If there’s one thing common here, it is the potential of an organization’s culture, goals, values, and growth opportunities – it is what makes an employee stay, and it is what differentiates an ideal employer.

Employee engagement is a workplace practice to better the work environment while keeping the best interests of employees and organizations in mind. It is the meeting point of employee expectations and organizational efforts, and it is what puts an organization ahead of the curve.

We asked global experts about their inputs on employee engagement, its importance, best practices, and how to implement a successful employee engagement strategy.

Here are some inspiring employee engagement quotes from leaders and experts around the world who firmly believe how employee engagement should be at the heart of everything an organization does.

Hope they inspire you!

Employee Engagement Quotes

50 Inspiring Employee Engagement Quotes from Global Experts and Leaders:

Employee Engagement Quotes
Successful employee engagement strategies promote the expression of authentic workplace experiences and the elimination of challenges that inhibit employee success.
Alex Mastin
Founder and CEO of Home Grounds
In an environment where productivity is higher in terms of revenue generated per employee, turnover is low, and absenteeism is at a minimum, you can expect the ROI of engagement activities to be high or promising.
Ben Lamarche
General Manager of Lock Search Group
Millennials are inherently attracted to feedback and information loops.
David Farkas
Founder and CEO of Upper Ranks
When you move the needle on employee engagement, the shift is in a positive direction.
Jenny Ly
Founder of Wanderly
Increased employee engagement increases profitability in both directions, i.e., by boosting revenue while lowering costs.
Michael Hess
eCommerce Strategy Lead of Code Signing Store
Employee Engagement Quotes
Encouraging team camaraderie, recognizing wins and offering a healthy work-life balance are just a few basic things leaders need to do to boost employee engagement.
Brad Hall
Co-Founder and CEO of Sonu Sleep
The biggest enemy for remote teams is not having a strategy for employees to thrive both at work and home.
Chris Alexakis
Co-Founder Cabinet Select
As you get older, you might think that you have to work all the time to be successful, that there is no room for other things, especially in your workplace. It's important to reshape that image and foster not a strict working environment but a healthy one.
Anup Kayastha
Founder of Height Comparison
Employee Engagement Quotes
If a company wants to enter this modern world, it has to do away with outdated notions of the ‘food chain’ and instead make the workplace a more lively, integrated, and engaged space.
Marilyn Gaskell
Founder & Hiring Manager of True People Search
Employees are more engaged when they can bring their complete, real selves to work.
Sara Johansson
Customer Success Manager of Onsiter
Employee activities and engagement are important in this day and age because, after struggling through the pandemic, people want to get back to building connections with others.
Deb Das
CRM & Community Manager of Home Grounds
Employee Engagement Quotes
Workplace absenteeism can be a sign of poor working conditions, poor management, or a lack of work-life balance.
David Farkas
Founder & CEO of Upper Ranks
Engagement focuses on making employees happier at work- but the question employees are asking is how can I be happier in my life.
Rob Dubin
Motivational Speaker/ Researching Human Fulfilment at RD Creative LLC
Employee Engagement Quotes
Employees who are disengaged are in danger of feeling abandoned by their employers when it comes to juggling their personal and professional life.
Jay Bats
Co-Founder of Content Base
Invest In AI To Handle Repetitive Employee Tasks.
Calloway Cook
President of lluminate Labs Inc.
Employees feel trusted and valued when they have the freedom to work where and how they want.
Daniel Foley
SEO Specialist of UNAGI Scooters
Employees will have a difficult time implementing strategic objectives if your organisational structure does not fit your business plan.
Dan Close
Designer of Founder & CEO Buy Houses in Kentucky
Employee Engagement Quotes
Employee engagement is critical since it has an impact on every element of your company.
Ariana Flynn
Marketing and Communications Manager of Proxy Rack
Involve your team in planning ahead, evaluating prospects, and coming up with business strategy improvement ideas. You'll foster loyalty and have a ready leadership pipeline if you promote transparency and provide them strategic insight into how the company is managed.
Mark Valderrama
Owner and CEO of Aquarium Store Depot
With employees mostly working alone and facing issues at home, technology will be more important than ever.
David Farkas
Founder & CEO of Upper Ranks
One of the most common reasons employees consider quitting their jobs is a lack of appreciation.
Rameez Usmani
CMO of PureTuber
Allowing employees of all levels to drop in for informal talks in a virtual meeting or on your Slack channel is a great way to get honest feedback.
Kathryn Smithson
CMO of PathSocial
Employee Engagement Quotes
Workplace flexibility gained favor in HR circles, particularly as a means of combating the talent shortage.
Shad Elia
Founder and CEO of New England Home Buyers
Organizations must take action at the local level to truly impact employee engagement. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.
Mark Valderrama
Owner and CEO of Aquarium Store Depot
There is a definite correlation between employee engagement and business impact.
Max Turner
CEO of Car Donation Centers
When engagement is high, employees feel motivated to perform and feel loyal to your company.
Brad Hall
Co-Founder and CEO of Sonu Sleep
Employee Engagement Quotes
AI-powered chatbots enable both employees and HR professionals to continue the engagement conversation throughout the year.

Jordon Scrinko
Founder & Marketing Director of Precendo
By leveraging AI to manage basic tasks currently done by employees, a company can improve employee satisfaction and engagement with their work.
Calloway Cook
President of lluminate Labs Inc.
Employee Engagement Quotes
Employee retention is one of the factors that makes the company reliable.
David Attard
Digital Consultant and Web Designer of Collective Ray
With newer technologies such as neural nets and AI, companies can build more interactive systems that appear to be more human-like as well as adaptive to each employee that it communicates with.
Aaron Vick
Former CEO of Multi-X
Conduct a pulse survey because it is the fastest way to seek actionable insights.
Ryan O’Donnell
Co-Founder and CEO and SellHack & Replyify
Employee Engagement Quotes
With remote and hybrid working becoming the new normal, tech is one of the best ways to ensure that employees are connected and engaged.

Phil Strazzulla
Founder of SelectSoftware
Employees who are supported, linked, developed, and challenged at work are more likely to stay with the organisation longer.
June Griffith
Founder of Garden Furniture UK
Employee engagement should be measured not only by standards of productivity. It should be measured with employee feedback.
Christa Reed
Founder of Longhouse Media
Giving specific and frequent social recognition to employees is an important aspect of any employee engagement program.
Rameez Usmani
CMO of PureTuber
Employee Engagement Quotes
Employees should be given clarity as to what is expected of them and how they fit in the organizational structure.
Daniel Cook
Head of Business Development of Mullen and Mullen
Engagement doesn't involve how the employee adores their working environment, but the way in which they are acting in the working environment.
Stephen Curry
CEO of Coco Sign
Employee Engagement Quotes
If employees feel 'engaged' they are more likely to do what is needed to make their role and the organization by default successful.
Joseph Braithwaite
Senior Operations Advisor of PIPSC IPFPC
Motivate employees to look forward to what's next. Use
your internal newsletter, face-to-face meetings, or a general update meeting to do so.
Carl Panepinto
IT Specialist of CloudTech24


The importance of employee engagement is skyrocketing in an employee-driven market. The future of work has brought employee engagement to the forefront. The more you read about it, the more you understand the ways in which it can impact your business.

Simple employee engagement ideas and activities can significantly benefit organizations, as many industry experts quoted.

While engaged employees are an asset to any organization, disengaged employees can have far reaching consequences on business.

We hope these employee engagement quotes serve as a gentle reminder that employees can make or break an organization, and it is never a bad time to initiate employee engagement in your organization.

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