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Understanding the Benefits of Employee Value Proposition

Employee value proposition has become a buzzword in the world of human resources. As discussed in the previous article, developing a compelling EVP involves many elements and can demand holistic research. It takes a lot of effort to understand employees’ perspectives and apply them while developing  a concrete EVP. 

But all this work does not go in vain in the end. Not only does a gripping EVP give you a significant edge that distinguishes your organization from the competitors, but it also attracts candidates who are likely to support its brand and values.

employee value proposition benefits

Well-crafted employee value proposition establishes the company as a great place to work. Your employees become more engaged, motivated, and committed to the organization. 

The employee value proposition benefits don’t end there. In today’s blog, we will discuss why developing your EVP is worth it.

What are the benefits of an employee value proposition?

employee value proposition benefits

When presented correctly, an EVP can revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy. 

According to LinkHuman, it can improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29%, increase the likelihood of employees acting as brand advocates from an average of 24% to 47%, and decrease annual employee turnover by 69%. 

Clearly, the employee value proposition promises impactful results. To give you a fair idea, we have listed below some of the efficient employee value proposition benefits:

1. Foundation of your employer brand 

Whether you have drafted one for your organization or not, your employee value propositions exist. All operations to recruit or retain talent reflect your organization’s employee policy and act as a de facto EVP. 

Simply put, it is the bedrock of your employer brand.

When you plan out your employee value proposition that aligns with what your target audiences are looking for, you will be able to sort desired candidates. The payoff will be a formalized strategy that will be solid navigation for your employer branding efforts moving forward.

2. Attracts new talent

employee value proposition benefits

According to CareerArc, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job. A well-structured EVP presents a comprehensive picture of the job role and your company as an employer. It ensures that the role seems attractive to the right candidates and allows them to self-evaluate their suitability for the job. 

The strongest benefit of EVP is that it helps attract professionals whose goals and values align with your organization’s vision and objective. If your employee value proposition is compelling enough, you will avoid bad hires and attract the finest talents for each role. 

For example, when we talk about companies such as Google or Apple, the first thing that comes to mind is their attractive offerings which drive people to queue up to work for them. A compelling EVP gives you enough options for promising talents to fill your vacancies.

According to Sam Willis, Founder of Rain Catcher, “All organizations are moving towards an employee-centric operation where the employees are involved in decision making, and there is full transparency in the team. A company with strong EVPs will retain skilled labor and attract new hires. Effective EVP is achieved once you know what your employees require and what the general protocols of employee rights are.”

3. Improves company reputation 

One of the best ways to make your business a desirable place to work is to have a properly documented, crisp, and comprehensive EVP. A persuasive employee value proposition will show that you have a clear vision for your workforce, which will elevate your employer brand considerably. However, prospective employees must see you as a transparent business entity when they see your EVP. 

According to Kris Harris, owner of Nootka Saunas, “The line between how an organization treats its employees and conducts its business outside with customers and clients is fading fast. Customers know a brand’s reputation regarding its employee management practices, which greatly influences their buying decisions. That’s why a compelling EVP lets stakeholders outside an organization see the company positively, impressing target audiences and improving brand reputation.”

4. Reduces turnover

Labor can account for up to 70% of your business costs. So it is fair to say that retaining the best talents defines the difference between the success and failure of your company. 

To keep your employees engaged, having a structured EVP is critical. According to Robert Warner of Virtual Valley, “Without a compelling EVP, workers may lose sight of their job and wonder why they were hired.” 

An effective employee value proposition (EVP) can help reduce employee turnover by clearly communicating the unique benefits and opportunities that an organization offers to its employees. A strong EVP can attract top talent and help retain current employees by highlighting the value that the company places on its employees and the rewards and benefits that they can expect in return for their contributions.

5. Enables learning and development

When a company portrays a positive employer brand through structured EVP, it encourages new and experienced employees to be more engaged in their work. They try to improve their performance consistently, pushing them to learn new skills and hone their existing capabilities. Moreover, it also clearly illustrates what the company expects from them and persuades them to thrive for increased development. 

Jonathan Merry, the VP, and Co-founder of Bankless Times, states, “To build a powerful EVP, enhance team dynamics and career progression through training and development initiatives. Encourage workplace relationships through collaboration. Restate the values and mission of the company to make it stand out.”

6. Builds a strong work culture 

employee value proposition benefits

An EVP is more than a selling point. It is a statement about your company’s culture, And employer branding is based on building a solid company culture. 

One of the more prevalent EVP benefits is that it shows employees how their values and interests align with the company’s vision. They feel comfortable in the workplace and foster synergy among each other. This contributes to warm and trusting workplace culture. 

It also helps to create a strong ‘people brand,’ which can become the primary highlight of your company’s status as an employer. 

Adam Crossling, the Marketing Manager at Zen Zero, rightly stated, “An organization’s EVP is a reflection of its strategy and its employees, and as such, is crucial to the company’s success. It exemplifies the supportive company culture essential for drawing in workers whose personal ethics mesh well with those of the company.”

7. Helps enable work-life balance 

Structuring an EVP needs a lot of research. You get to know what your employees and prospective employees expect from their employers. Focusing on what people genuinely care about brings organizations the most significant competitive advantage, and it can be done through a well-planned EVP. 

This portrays your commitment to giving your workforce a balanced life. Which means introducing your workforce to a culture of respecting wellness, encouraging practicing habits like getting work done on time, and fostering a work-life balance.

8. Builds an inclusive work environment 

Research shows that companies with a diverse workforce perform better than their less diverse competitors when it comes to critical metrics. The result includes boosted productivity, better sales, and a rise in innovation. 

If your EVP reflects fair compensation and attractive benefits packages, it raises the chances of attracting diverse talents. Professionals with varied skills and experiences push innovation and creativity by bringing out-of-the-box ideas into the operations. For example, an EVP highlighting its commitment to gender equity will attract more women to the workforce.

9. Differentiates your organization from the competition

employee value proposition benefits

The face of talent acquisition sector has drastically changed over the years. In an economy with millions of job openings, standing out in the crowd is crucial. 

According to reports, 90% of the current job market is candidate-driven. This means you are not the only one in a position to choose; the candidates must choose you too. The millennial-driven workforce seeks value from their employers. They will pick you only if there is something unique about you. That’s precisely what you can benefit from with a gripping EVP. 

Through your employee value prospects, you lay out all the terms, USPs, and benefits to the candidates. It  reveals your commitment to creating a mutually beneficial employer-employee relationship which most companies neglect. This can help differentiate you from competitors and give you an exceptional edge in the industry.

10. Saves you money 

The cost of disengaged employees to your organization can be significant. By defining and promoting a strong employee value proposition and employer brand, you can use these assets to motivate, engage, and re-engage your employees. This can ultimately help reduce the financial impact of disengaged employees and improve overall productivity and performance.

Michelle Hague, the H.R. Manager at Solar Panels Network (USA), says, “A strong EVP can help engage employees by communicating the benefits of working for your organization.” 

Hearing your workforce’s opinions and suggestions during the information-gathering phase of developing an EVP will allow them to speak their minds and demonstrate that the organization values their opinions. They will feel valued and, in turn, will be more excited to work in your company. Such engaged employees will add value to your success in the long run and save the costs you were carrying with a disengaged workforce. 

11. Encourages employee advocacy

There are no better advocates for your brand than your employees. Your employees are already talking about their experience of working for your organization with their friends and family. Developing a solid EVP is an excellent way of harnessing that into a thoughtful employee advocacy program that gives a win-win to everyone involved. 

An impactful  EVP will encourage your employees to amplify company messages and promotions, developing brand awareness. When you recognize your employees’ value through your EVP, they will advocate your employer brand when celebrating accomplishments. 

Your employees will positively post about the company on their accounts, which would drive social media advocacy for your employer brand. You will also enjoy benefits like increased brand awareness for marketing, a more comprehensive personal network for sales, a positive workplace environment for recruiting and HR, subject-matter expertise for industry thought leadership, etc.

12. Improves overall employee experience

employee value proposition benefits

Companies can’t attract, retain and motivate the best employees with compensation and benefits alone. A holistic employee value proposition fills the gap by focusing on career development, total employee well-being, purpose, and belonging, being an excellent driver of positive employee outcomes, including motivation, advocacy, commitment, and high retention rates. 

Robert Warner, an official member of the Forbes Agency Council, seconds this by saying, “the benefit of EVP is that people are happier, more fulfilled, and more productive at work.”

Further, when discussing the correlation between employee value proposition and employee experience, Jason Cordes — the Founder of Coco Loan UK, states, “It entails recognizing the function of trust in the workplace and ensuring that people are heard and have a say in matters that affect them. While the EVP defines the deal, the Employee Experience is concerned with purposefully constructing an atmosphere and a set of experiences.”


The benefits of EVP are numerous. But to reap the perks of a good employee value proposition, it needs constant optimization. You need to collect data frequently through market research and employee surveys and analyze them to get actionable insights. 

But doing all this with accuracy  requires technology. That’s where an intelligent employee engagement tool comes into play. 

Leena AI offers automated employee surveys and pulse surveys that ask your employees the right question at regular intervals. The questionnaires are designed to  ensure maximum participation. Moreover,  Leena AI understands what your employees mean through

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