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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Platform: Your Guide to Selecting One

With the hybrid and remote work environment being adopted by organizations across the world, there’s a need to adjust to the new ways of working while keeping your employees happy and engaged. 

Time and again, it has been proven that engaged workers are more likely to feel connected to their companies and stay longer, while disengaged employees equal less productivity, higher absenteeism rates, increased human errors, and more.

However, creating and executing an employee engagement strategy is a huge job — especially when tons of tasks are involved, such as collecting feedback, evaluating employee performance, setting goals, etc. This is where leveraging an employee engagement platform comes in handy.

This blog post will talk about what an employee engagement software is, what employee engagement challenges it can solve, its benefits, and how you can choose the best employee engagement platform as per your needs.

What is an employee engagement platform? 

Employee engagement software is a type of application that helps organizations set a seamless process to retain employees and boost their engagement and productivity.

New-age employee engagement platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to gauge employee sentiments by collecting their feedback through surveys. Furthermore, they provide the organization with insights on problem areas to solve, before it’s too late.

Owing to the hybrid work environments and changing employee expectations, it’s becoming a lot more difficult to keep everyone proactively engaged in their roles. 

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges organizations face today in employee engagement and how an employee engagement software resolves them. 

How can an employee engagement software solve employee engagement challenges?

How to choose a Employee Engagement Platform



Lack of clarity: Often, organizations are unclear about the concept, definition, and goals of employee engagement. They associate engagement with terms like job satisfaction, happiness, increased employee morale, etc. However, it is much more than these. An engaged workforce is not only satisfied with their work but also is highly productive in their jobs and is loyal to the organization.  An employee engagement software often lays the groundwork by understanding your organizational challenges wrt employee engagement – what are your challenges, what are the drivers of employee engagement, etc. Employee engagement software comes with a customizable solution and subject matter expert to help you build the foundation of a successful employee engagement strategy.
Lack of commitment from senior leadership: It’s easy for leaders to neglect concepts like employee engagement compared to other tangible issues. This is because employee engagement involves many functions for seamless execution. Sometimes, senior leadership is unable to see the need or impact of employee engagement initiatives.  An employee engagement software can cut down the time different teams spend on mundane and repetitive tasks for employee engagement and focus on actually taking actions that will impact employee engagement. This will help senior leaders to see the impact of the exercise sooner and prioritize it in the future. Identifying disengaged employees can actually benefit the business.
Lack of personalization: Most organizations adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to engage their employees. However, this method might not work for everyone on the same level. This is because not every employee is the same — just because one thing engages an employee doesn’t mean it will engage the others too. For example, some employees prefer a flexible working schedule, while others prefer comprehensive health benefits for their families. An employee engagement software is chosen keeping in mind the requirements of your organization. An engagement software determines what works best for your employees and suggests actions based on the insights it collects, tailored to your organizational needs.
Lack of time and resource utilization: Often organizations feel employee engagement takes too much time and resources, and not enough impact is seen. An employee engagement software can reduce the burden on your people and free up their time to devote to other high priority tasks. 

Why does your company need an employee engagement platform?

The objective of an employee engagement platform should be to simplify the process of engaging employees. The smarter and simpler it is, the more uniform it becomes. An employee engagement platform can help your organization streamline the entire process of employee engagement, right from design, implementation, to analysis. 

Benefits of employee engagement platform for organizations

Employee engagement software benefits for the organization

1) To improve company culture

Study the requirements to improve employee experience and promote employee engagement.

2) To make better people decisions

A common employee engagement platform equips your organization with better communication. This is possible with the availability of all the information that assists in making better decisions.

3) To save HRs time and efforts

Rather than personally connecting with a team member for almost anything, the software automates the experience.

4) To improve employee experience

Since employee engagement is a part of employee engagement, with the help of features in a good employee engagement platform, you can boost the employee experience for the entire workforce.

5) To track progress on employee engagement initiatives

Manually tracking all activities is a challenge. Make it seamless with an employee engagement platform.

6) To identify unhappy employees and address turnover

Act on employee feedback and measure the sentiments of an employee via employee engagement software. It creates the type of workplace that retains top talent. In fact, according to a study by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, 46% of employees are willing to accept another job offer if an opportunity presented itself. Best to engage them and avoid turnover.

Benefits of employee engagement platform for employees

employee engagement platform benefits for the employees

1) To get a voice

Employees feel more confident sharing their concerns. They also offer real-time feedback to enhance the work environment without hesitation. 

2) To feel valued and heard

When the organization takes action based on the employee’s feedback, they feel that they matter. They understand that the organization values them and hears them out. This keeps an employee satisfied. 

3) To better understand organizational goals and vision

An employee engagement platform aligns the workforce with the goals and ambitions of the organization by making them actually understand it.

Benefits of employee engagement platform for managers

Benefits of Employee Engagement Platform for Managers

1) To improve employee productivity

With the help of an employee engagement platform, managers can collect real-time feedback by themselves. They can effortlessly analyze employees’ strengths and weaknesses and suggest strategies accordingly.

2) To identify problem and improvement areas

With an employee engagement platform, you can raise employee engagement surveys that will help managers understand the problems in an employee’s work. They can also understand the challenges and accordingly find real-time solutions.

3) To save time

The resolutions decrease the duration it needs to gather and understand feedback on crucial challenges and simplify their operations. 

How to choose the right employee engagement platform?

Now that you’re aware of the multiple benefits an employee engagement tool offers your company, it’s time to choose the best employee engagement solution that aligns with your organizational goals. 

However, selecting the right software is not an easy task — especially when there are a plethora of them available online. But fret not. Below are a few steps to choosing the best platform for your business.

How to choose the right employee engagement platform
  1. Assess what problems you’re trying to solve or your purpose of investing in an employee engagement platform. 
  2. Keep a list of features that you want in your software. 
  3. Evaluate your options and find a vendor that best aligns with your organizational goals. You can ask your friends or colleagues or refer to online reviews to get an idea of good-performing platforms.
  4. Once you have shortlisted a few vendors, conduct a final review and make the final decision. You can choose two to three vendors, talk to their representatives, schedule a demo, and select the one that ticks all your boxes.

Not every employee engagement platform has the same features. While some features can impact your employee engagement, others can do nothing but increase the cost of the software. 

Here are a few features you should look for while choosing an appropriate employee engagement solution for your company: 

Employee engagement platform features
  • Intelligent analytics to identify problems before they become big and impact employee absenteeism and turnover. 
  • Performance management tools to evaluate employees’ performance and recognize them for their achievements or offer opportunities to overcome their shortcomings
  • Engagement surveys to gather employee feedback and opinions, helping you understand what engages or disengages them
  • Mobile-friendliness gives you the ability to track your employees on the go anywhere, anytime. 
  • Goal setting and tracking tools help you set, track, and evaluate employees’ goals against the organization’s goals. Plus, it enables you to understand how employees are performing to achieve the set goals and help them if needed. 
  • An easy-to-use and clean user interface to help staff get acquainted with the tool quickly and effectively. 
  • Simple-to-understand analytics to understand your workforce well and improve employee engagement. 
  • Integrations with other HR systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, etc., to make the communication quick and keep employees connected via a single platform.

Leena AI: Your ideal employee engagement software tool

Employee Engagement Platform

Leena AI is an AI-powered employee engagement platform that provides tons of tools to transform every aspect of employee engagement. You can gather regular feedback from your employees across the lifecycle and get intelligent actionable insights. It helps in making instant AI-driven decisions that improves employee engagement, action planning, performance, and innovation.

How Leena AI helped HCCB enhance employee experience

One of the customers that have achieved engaging and high-performing teams using Leena AI is Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd. (HCCB) — an in-house bottling arm of Coca-Cola in India. 

Before using Leena AI, HCCB faced a few challenges, such as manual processes, lack of transparency, and using multiple channels to resolve employee queries. The leaders at HCCB recognized the importance of automating every possible employee workflow and finally came across Leena AI, which helped them implement their idea of digital transformation and make the most of the latest employee engagement trends. 

Here’s how Leena AI helped HCCB in enhancing their employee experience:

  • Leena AI’s conversational chatbot, which HCCB named KO chat, helped employees interact with employers seamlessly and resolved their queries automatically
  • Leena AI reduced the time spent by HR professionals on mundane administrative tasks and answering repetitive queries. 
  • The KO chat integrated with existing HCCB’s internal systems and third-party platforms and allowed employees to access all crucial information on a single platform. 
  • Leena AI made life easier for new employees by helping them during the onboarding process and making all the required information and documents available at their fingertips. 
  • Leena AI automated routine HR operations like COVID-declaration and COVID UAT. 

Conclusion – do you really need an employee engagement software? 

In short, YES! In today’s dynamic work environment, where things like hybrid workplaces and great resignation are becoming pretty common across the world, investing in an employee engagement platform that aligns with your organizational goals is a must to stay on top of trends, understand your employees, and ultimately boost their engagement and motivation levels.

Leena AI: Your one-stop-shop employee engagement platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are employee engagement platforms?

An employee engagement platform is a type of technology that enables organizations to boost employee engagement and motivation. It automates certain engagement-related workflows, typically handled manually via one-on-one meetings, surveys, feedback, performance analysis, recognition, and more.

How do employee engagement platforms resolve engagement challenges?

A virtual engagement platform resolves engagement challenges by: 

  • Offering a customizable solution and subject matter expert to help you eliminate the problem of lack of clarity.
  • Cutting down the duration that different teams spend on mundane and repetitive tasks. Rather it will help employees focus on taking actions that will improve employee engagement. 
  • Suggesting actions based on the insights it collects. The best part? It is customizable to your organizational needs.
  • Reducing the load on your workforce by freeing up their time to focus on other high priority tasks. 

What are the benefits of adopting employee engagement platforms?

The benefits of leveraging an employee engagement software are:

  • Greater productivity among employees 
  • Be a voice for all the employees
  • Make accurate and better decisions
  • Positive company culture
  • Identifies problem areas and offers opportunities to improve them
  • Saves HRs time and resources to focus on more critical and productive matters 

How to choose the right employee engagement platform?

Follow these steps to select the best employee engagement solution: 

  • Determine your goals and purpose for using employee engagement software. 
  • Decide the features you want and find an employee engagement platform that best aligns with your company goals.
  • Shortlist two to three vendors and conduct a final review before making the decision. 

What are the features of a good employee engagement software?

You should look for the following features:

  • Intelligence tools to identify employee problems 
  • Engagement surveys to gather employee feedback
  • Performance management tools to assess workers’ performance 
  • Mobile-friendliness 
  • Easy-to-use user interface 
  • Easy-to-understand analytics 
  • Goal setting and tracking tools to set, track, and evaluate goals 
  • Integrations with existing HR systems. 
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