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Meet Leena AI’s Gen 1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent

A couple of months ago, we launched our very own large language model – WorkLMTM – our cutting-edge large language model trained on a whopping 2 terabytes of proprietary enterprise data collected over 7 years. WorkLMTM is designed to be the backbone of a series of innovative products aimed at automating and optimizing various tasks to provide the next level of employee experience. From enterprise business intelligence to intelligent virtual assistants, from knowledge creation and accessibility to smart helpdesk interventions, we’ve covered over 150 use cases!

But let’s talk about our star player, Leena AI’s Gen 1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent, backed by our WorkLMTM. Think of it as the Jarvis of every employee in your enterprise. The larger the organization, the more applications employees need to juggle, and we know the struggle of managing multiple interfaces.

But fret not! Leena AI is here to change your employee experience forever. We understand the woes of lackluster system interoperability and complex integrations, so we made it our mission to provide a transformative solution!

With Leena AI, you’ll experience a frictionless journey like never before! Our AI seamlessly unites your technology stack, enabling complex multi-app tasks to be completed in seconds. Say goodbye to the hassles of complex integrations and say hello to a world where your employees can accomplish tasks effortlessly! 

This is the unified experience you’ve been longing for!

Now, let’s dive into a typical day for you – picture this: you are a sales/account executive and you’ve just had a productive meeting with the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne (yes, Batman himself!). He expressed concerns about high attrition rates among his employees. You want to impress him with a case study showcasing how your product helped another client overcome a similar issue. I am sure this is an everyday event for you – multiple meetings, multiple things to follow up, multiple points to remember, and the biggest challenge of them all – going back to the CRM and always keeping it updated with the latest conversation and next steps. 

Typically, you’d either go to the CRM after every meeting and update it, or make notes to visit later, or wait till the end of day to do all the operational work together. And let’s not even think about what happens if you forget something. Outright scary!

But today, you decide to leverage Leena AI’s agent to perform these tasks. You ask Leena AI to find a relevant case study, email it to Bruce Wayne, update the Wayne Enterprise deal in HubSpot for later, and even apply for your leave in the HRMS – all in one go! 

Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent is greeting the user

The Leena AI brain immediately goes to work. It is really good at taking large, complex commands and breaking them down into smaller tasks!

Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent is identifying the right case study

So it takes up the first task and identifies a case study related to reducing attrition in manufacturing plants, which is relevant to Wayne Enterprises. 

Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent is locating the right HubSpot API

The Leena AI brain then autonomously locates the HubSpot API to find Bruce Wayne’s email id and then proceeds to send a skillfully drafted email to him.

Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent is drafting an email

Now, the next task is to update the Wayne Enterprise deal in HubSpot. Out of 100 odd APIs, the Leena AI brain figures out which API to call with what parameters, completely autonomously, and adds a note to the deal to be revisited later.

Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent is adding a new task

Moving on from there, the Leena AI brain then calls the SuccessFactors agent to apply for a leave. It finds the right API, determines the parameters, and successfully applies for a leave.

Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent is finding the right API for leave application
Leena AI's Gen1 Autonomous Cognitive Agent applied leave successfully

Voila! Did Leena AI just handle all the complex commands with ease? You bet it did! From locating the case study, finding Bruce Wayne’s email id, drafting an impressive email, to updating the deal in HubSpot – all is taken care by yours truly. You even get your leave application sorted in a breeze!

No more juggling through multiple platforms, no more missed opportunities, and no more headaches. Leena AI is your strategic partner, streamlining your workflow and proving its versatility and reliability with each task.

This is just the beginning! Leena AI is all about simplifying your life. Switching between applications will be a thing of the past. It’s time to harness the full potential of your technology stack and unleash unparalleled ease, efficiency, and productivity.

Still skeptical? Trust us, this is the real deal! With Leena AI, you get reduced integration complexity, improved user experience, cost optimization, and future-proof scalability – all in one package.

Ready to revolutionize your enterprise experience? Simply send a message with your task, and Leena AI’s work assistant will handle the rest.

Witness the Future of Enterprise Productivity!
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Bhuvi Kathpalia, author, Leena AI
Bhuvi Kathpalia

A writer at heart, Bhuvi is a content marketing manager at Leena AI. She's helped various brands find their voice through insightful thought pieces and engaging content. When not scandalizing people with her stories, you’ll find her challenging gender norms, dancing to her own tune, and crusading through life, laughing.

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