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Introducing WorkLM: A Large Language Model That Makes Work Easy

Throughout our journey at Leena AI, our aspiration has always been to create a workplace technology that resembles the iconic Jarvis—a virtual assistant that empowers employees, streamlines operations, and fosters exceptional experiences. 

In our efforts to be synonymous with innovation, we’ve constantly pushed the boundaries of what AI can accomplish which helped us envision a future where employees could effortlessly access information, collaborate seamlessly, and be guided by an intuitive AI companion.

With every product that we launch, we aim to harness the immense potential of technology to address the challenges faced by modern enterprises. We launched the AI Action Planning feature to complete the feedback loop. This empowered HR teams to create personalized action plans from employee survey data in a few clicks. Similarly, creating, retrieving, and updating knowledge bases has always been a challenge for enterprises. We have recently launched KnowledgeGPT to make enterprise knowledge management a seamless process.

With this unveiling, we are taking a giant leap towards realizing this vision. Years of research and development, tireless dedication to creating exceptional employee experiences, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible has brought us here!

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, where the demands of efficiency and productivity grow ever more relentless, there exists a powerful ally that can transform the employee experience. Picture a world where instant access to vital information transcends departmental barriers and manual tasks become a thing of the past.

Leena AI work assistant is a powerful virtual AI assistant that helps enterprises harness the power of Generative AI to unlock a realm of limitless possibilities for enterprises ready to embrace the next level of employee experiences. Leena AI work assistant interacts with your employees and enterprise systems to get work done in the most efficient way possible.

What makes Leena AI work assistant the ultimate game-changer for EX?

WorkLMTM by Leena AI

While existing models have undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of AI, we recognized that they fell short of fulfilling our ambitious goals. We needed a language model designed explicitly for enterprise employee experience—a model that could truly comprehend the intricacies of workplace challenges, adapt to diverse contexts, and seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems. This drove us to develop WorkLMTM, a breakthrough in its own right. 

With a staggering capacity to absorb 7 billion parameters, WorkLMTM, Leena AI’s proprietary LLM that powers its work assistant, possesses an uncanny ability to comprehend complex enterprise employee data and generate intricate text. WorkLMTM neural architecture enables it to discern the finest nuances of language, consistently producing high-quality responses that effortlessly adapt to diverse contexts. WorkLMTM empowers employees with a versatile toolset to accomplish tasks with unparalleled precision and speed.

WorkLMTM by Leena AI

Created with a singular focus on enhancing the employee experience within the enterprise, WorkLMTM redefines the very essence of work. Its groundbreaking language model architecture enables it to provide an unparalleled predictive text generation capability —a capability that feels strikingly human, seamlessly embedded within its context. Whether it’s swiftly auto-completing tasks, generating comprehensive reports, or drawing upon the vast well of enterprise-wide data to provide invaluable recommendations, WorkLMTM stands as the undisputed go-to tool.

One of the distinguishing features that set WorkLMTM apart from other AI models is its unrivaled integration capability. We understand the complex landscape of enterprise systems and processes, where information is scattered across multiple platforms, systems, channels, departments, and silos.  At the core of WorkLMTM lies a gold mine – the culmination of Leena AI’s seven-year journey—its unique training dataset. Comprising 2TB of meticulously curated, safeguarded, and anonymized proprietary data, this imparts WorkLMTM with an unrivaled grasp of business language and contexts. Leena AI ensures comprehensive enterprise data security and privacy protection, eliminating unintended machine learning access and exposure concerns.

Leena AI’s WorkLMTM represents a paradigm shift in language models, specifically tailored for the enterprise employee experience. It goes beyond the limitations of existing models and embraces the complexities of the workplace, redefining how employees engage with work, and delivering a transformative impact on productivity, efficiency, and overall work satisfaction.

Why do you need a work assistant?

WorkLMTM by Leena AI

Employees often find themselves entangled in a web of scattered information, hindering their productivity in the labyrinth of enterprise systems and processes. The absence of an efficient system to decipher, organize, and present enterprise data leads to work processes that are largely informed by intuition rather than hard facts. Today’s technologies, despite their advancements, fail to integrate all information sources and provide fragmented employee experiences. 

Picture a workplace technology that gives employees an extraordinary ability to instantly access information, irrespective of the information source or the department of the employee. This technology is Leena AI work assistant.

WorkLMTM by Leena AI

Harnessing the remarkable capabilities of its advanced proprietary LLM, WorkLMTM, Leena AI empowers enterprise employees and teams to accomplish more in less time.  This includes but not limited to:

  • Automating action-taking capabilities to help enterprises eliminate inefficiencies and minimize delays in critical processes.

  • Converting valuable insights into actionable outcomes, unlocking their full potential for enterprise growth.

  • Automating information retrieval and processing tasks with Generative AI, reducing time and resource consumption.

Applications for WorkLMTM in employee experiences

WorkLMTM by Leena AI

WorkLMTM is the ultimate EX-platform to automate and optimize various tasks around employee experiences. Its key applications and capabilities include:

Intelligent virtual assistance: Understand and execute complex tasks, multi-turn conversations, and real-time information dissipation. 

Multiple system integration: Interpret and execute complex commands across multiple systems and knowledge sources to streamline operations.

Create and update knowledge: Identify knowledge gaps and generate knowledge from existing non-standard sources like tickets and emails.

Robotic process automation: Understand and automate routine tasks, employee journeys, and system integration workflows

Enterprise business intelligence: Analyze extensive enterprise data to provide actionable business intelligence to facilitate data-driven decisions.

Smart helpdesk interventions: Provide accurate resolutions to pressing issues, thereby reducing resolution times and improving employee satisfaction.

Text analysis: Mine insights from large volumes of data, performing tasks like identifying trends, sentiment analysis or extracting specific information.

Email autocompletion: Provide contextually relevant suggestions for email drafting, delivery, and improving communication efficiency.

Document generation: Generate reports, meeting minutes, and other types of documents based on specific requirements and translating complex instructions into high-quality, human-like text.

Embrace the future of work with Leena AI

With its transformative work assistant, powered by the unrivaled capabilities of WorkLMTM, Leena AI is reshaping the way enterprises operate. It is ushering in an era of enhanced productivity, accelerated response times, and elevated employee experiences. Leena AI’s work assistant eliminates inefficiencies, automates critical actions, and unlocks the full potential of valuable insights, propelling enterprise growth to new heights. Leena AI’s vision of the future of work is one where employees thrive, powered by cutting-edge technology that amplifies their abilities and streamlines their workflows. It is a future where enterprises embrace the potential of Generative AI, unleashing newfound productivity and unlocking untapped possibilities.

The future awaits—seize it with Leena AI work assistant today!
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Bhuvi Kathpalia, author, Leena AI
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