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Enhancing the Conversational AI Experience: ChatGPT & Leena AI

As an AI enthusiast, it’s always exciting to see a new technology that catches my attention, and ChatGPT definitely did that. Just like it caught the attention of its more than a million users. I have been closely following LinkedIn to see how people are using ChatGPT, and just like everyone, I am amused with the results.

You see, ChatGPT is the result of bringing together two of the hottest AI topics out there: chatbots and GPT-3. Together, they create an incredibly intriguing way to interact with and produce content that sounds almost human.

However, as someone whose bread and butter is conversational AI (literally), quite a few people have come up to me to ask how ChatGPT and Leena AI are different or similar. So here I am, not relying on ChatGPT, for the most part, to answer this.

What really is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT and Leena AI

In ChatGPT’s own words:

ChatGPT is a neural network-based natural language processing model that is trained to generate human-like text. It is built on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is trained on a massive dataset of conversational text and capable of generating what it has seen in its training data. It can generate text in various formats, such as chatbot responses, story generation, and more.

ChatGPT works by using a specific deep learning technique called neural networks. Neural networks are a type of machine learning algorithm designed to recognize patterns in data.

The basic building block of a neural network is an artificial neuron, which takes in inputs and produces output through a computation process. In the case of ChatGPT, the inputs are a set of words or a sentence, and output is a predicted next word or a sentence.

Can ChatGPT replace conversational AI?

The short answer to this is a resounding NO.

Both the technologies serve very different purposes. ChatGPT might be able to generate similar knowledge bites like that of a virtual assistant or conversational AI, but it can’t take actions that the latter is capable of.

Businesses are constantly evolving, and they need something dynamic to provide users with updated and relevant information. While conversational AI grows and scales with the business, ChatGPT is like a black box. It is trained on historical data (pre-2021), and unable to access real-time information. Its lack of access to external knowledge or real-time information may generate incorrect, outdated, or inappropriate responses. 

ChatGPT might be great at generating responses, but it lacks the features and integrations necessary for a conversational AI platform to function effectively in a business environment. 

Given that the cost to retrain ChatGPT and make it available to enterprises is considerably steep, I can say it with confidence that the existing conversational AI solutions are definitely more dynamic, scalable, and cost-effective, and can provide users with the most up-to-date information and support.

The limitations of ChatGPT: Is it enterprise-ready?

As with any new technology, it’s important to understand its limitations in order to fully leverage its potential.

ChatGPT and Leena AIGenerating factually incorrect responses:

ChatGPT can occasionally respond with nonsensical, factually incorrect, or absurd answers. Sometimes, it ends up generating different answers for the same question. There is no way to find out the factual correctness of the answers other than to historically know or find it from verifiable sources.

In the enterprise environment, an employee should get nothing but the right and relevant information. Failing to do so can be harmful to an enterprise. For example, ChatGPT may generate links that don’t exist.

ChatGPT and Leena AIComplex tasks and integrations:

ChatGPT can not handle tasks that require a deep understanding of a system, complex integrations with multiple systems, or new human perspectives. ChatGPT can not fetch enterprise-exclusive information stored in various systems or take actions on it. It may tell you what to do but can not do that task for you, such as raising a ticket, applying for a leave, etc.  

ChatGPT and Leena AILimited to pre-trained datasets:

Currently, ChatGPT is not trained on enterprise-internal data but on open-sourced data available on the internet. Hence, ChatGPT is irrelevant and incompetent to handle requests that are enterprise-specific. Since it’s in a pre-trained mode, it has limited knowledge of events after 2021, words that are not present in the training data, enterprise-exclusive data, and similar cases. Also, re-training the model on new data is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

ChatGPT and Leena AIBiases and stereotypes:

Since ChatGPT is pre-trained on human-generated data, it comes with pre-existing biases and stereotypes. ChatGPT does not work well with sensitive topics, such as race, gender, etc. This, for enterprises or businesses, can lead to bigger challenges.

ChatGPT and Leena AIPrivacy and security concerns:

In its current stage, ChatGPT can not be used to handle any sensitive or confidential data as it constantly captures the responses to train its existing models. Leaking such data can be catastrophic to an enterprise. Hence, enterprises using ChatGPT for business purposes is not advisable.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT is a game-changing technology that has captured the global imagination with its ability to show off the true potential of AI. It has set a new standard for what we can expect from conversational AI.

But having said that, businesses should be mindful of its limitations and use ChatGPT as a tool to complement conversational AI platforms rather than as a replacement.

Leena AI & ChatGPT: Finding synergies

ChatGPT and Leena AI

Our customers and prospects have asked us if we are planning to leverage ChatGPT.

Absolutely! What kind of technology enthusiasts would we be if we didn’t find synergies with ChatGPT?

At Leena AI, we believe that ChatGPT has kicked off an innovation race that will accelerate technological developments faster than most people anticipated. It is ushering in a new wave of innovation in conversational AI. 

We have released a Leena AI integration with GPT-3, which is the backbone of ChatGPT. Our customers will get a chance to experience it first-hand on the knowledge management dashboard, and if they feel the integration works successfully for them, we will integrate it with the virtual assistant with their approval. With that integration in place, any query that is triggered will hit the first level of defense i.e. the Leena AI NLP. The second level will be shifted from Leena AI intelligent search to Leena AI integration with GPT-3 to reduce the number of unanswered queries. We are also hopeful that this integration will improve overall end user experience of interacting with Leena AI.

We have a couple of other use cases to test, integrating our capabilities with that of ChatGPT. Some of the use cases include, but are not limited to:

  1. Enhancing Leena AI’s capability to answer in a more human-like manner by generating more data sets to train Leena AI’s language model.
  2. Enhancing language translation by feeding more conversational language data in our models and catering to more languages at scale.
  3. Creating our own LLM which is projected to launch within this quarter. With that in place, our customers will be able to choose between continuing with the Leena AI intelligent search, Leena AI integration with GPT-3, or Leena AI’s own LLM. It will enable us to serve, both, enterprise customers as well as customers who require deployment on private cloud. Creating our own custom GPT-like technology will aid us in improving the internal manual processes, providing help and guidance in the learning and development of all employees, cutting across departments and levels, and fixing common troubleshooting across departments (code fixing, software errors).

Leena AI’s aim is to empower enterprises to provide a delightful employee experience. Along with offering impeccable data security, Leena AI uses BERT, T5-3B, MiniLM, USE, and Roberta to create an efficient LLM model for a great conversational AI experience. To ensure this, we are also in the process of integrating with the Azure OpenAI services.

I’ll leave you with my last thoughts here: Chat GPT is a technology, Leena AI is a solution. 

Leena AI uses cutting-edge technology and is truly made for enterprises. Transforming experience across all employee touchpoints, Leena AI enables enterprises to stay ahead of the curve. And we are ensuring that you are able to channel the power of GPT-3 in an enterprise-ready, secure framework with Leena AI.

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