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From Request to Resolution: How AI-Driven HR Case Management Solution Solves Support Queries

Whatever the size or industry, enterprises invest in hundreds of systems to automatically resolve employees’ requests in less time, and with a higher level of quality and consistency. Enterprises create portals with forms for every type of requests, and even implement chatbots with an elementary understanding of language. But with so many complex and disconnected systems to navigate, the truth is that employees do not get quick access to the information they need neither they are able to raise tickets for their concerns.

The only way to quickly resolve employee queries and streamline HR tickets is by leveraging a conversational and unified case management system – one that raises, resolves, and triages employee queries seamlessly.

But what characteristics of an HR case management system should an enterprise look at while evaluating different solutions for selecting the best?

Worry not! We have already done the heavy lifting for you. In this blog, we have distilled our learning from past experiences to elucidate the essential capabilities of an HR case management system.

What capabilities should you look for in an HR case management system?

HR case management solution features

With the right HR case management software, you are better equipped to serve your employees and streamline your workflow. While there are innumerable case management software out there, you would naturally want the one that gives you maximum flexibility, a unified dashboard, scalability, and more. Considering this, we have curated a list of essential features that you should not compromise. Bonus: you can also learn how Leena AI’s HR case management solution provides these capabilities.

Conversational AI-powered virtual assistant

Whether your organization has a hundred employees or a thousand, employee questions come in all shapes and sizes. From policies to payroll, insurance to performance, travel to onboarding, the list never seems to end. To handle them efficiently, HRs need a centralized, cohesive system: a case management system.

An AI-driven HR case management system ensures employee queries are addressed at tier 0 in the majority of the instances, thereby keeping HRs free from administrative tasks. However, if it can not answer the queries, it should be able to help employees raise the ticket and triage it to the accountable person in the concerned department.

Leena AI approach: Leena AI platform is a conversational AI virtual assistant that addresses employees’ repetitive queries by automatically responding to them expeditiously. The multi-lingual AI-driven HR case management system regularly learns from employee interactions and updates the knowledge base often to keep it up-to-date. The AI-driven virtual assistant understands employees’ intent by asking them questions and accordingly provide a personalized answer within a few seconds.

Further, the centralized dashboard gives HR leaders a holistic view of all the employee cases to help them identify trends and patterns in the inflow of queries, the average time taken by HRBPs to resolve a case, or the frequency of questions in every category.

Such insights help HRs re-evaluate their policies and take appropriate measures to deliver better services to their employees.

Workflow automation

HRs feel overwhelmed due to administering redundant, repetitive queries endlessly. Fortunately, organizations have realized that these manual tasks act as a major roadblock to their competitiveness, agility, and growth. So, automating these mundane and menial tasks via an intelligent HR case management system has unwaveringly emerged as the top priority for such organizations.

A unified HR case management system automates workflows to triage employees’ requests to the right person/department. For instance, an employee who has raised a request around leave policy is redirected to the HR responsible for leave management. This is exactly what workflow automation does. Once an employee submits a request, it automatically kicks off a process – a series of tasks is created and each person who needs to complete an action is notified. In case the issue isn’t resolved timely, it automatically gets escalated to the senior management.

Leena AI approach: Leena AI’s HR case management enables HRs to create workflows on the go to engage employees and launch any needed automation for resolving issues. 

Further, as every organization is unique and has pre-defined processes, we let HRs create customizable automated workflows. It increases the efficiency of the HR teams and satisfaction among employees as the cases are resolved faster and more accurately. Employees feel productive substantially due to a swift resolution and request approvals.

Know how we helped Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL) improve their employees’ productivity with an automated HR case management solution.


A slew of companies does not want to overhaul all their HR systems when they adopt an HR case management tool. They want a solution that works in tandem with the tools they already use every day. This makes it significant for prospective buyers to choose a case management system that integrates seamlessly with the company’s current systems and with any tools they may aspire to adopt in the future. Or else time-consuming workarounds and frustration will not hesitate in shadowing their organizations.

Leena AI approach:  Our AI-powered HR case management system does not restrict you from using the existing apps and services. Our cloud-based solution works seamlessly with other prominent HRIS tools and collaboration software such as Workday, WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. to let HRs systematically keep track of their information in a central hub without having to enter the same information into multiple applications.

Leena AI integrates with 200+ HR tools, including messenger, Twilio, et al.

Solution partner support

Getting sound support from a solution partner is key to the success of any organization. While HRs may or may not be tech-savvy, getting them used to the HR case management solution and making them learn the system requires a lot of partner support and help in resolving queries. 

Select a solution provider that has extensive industry experience and knowledge, be it around setting workflows, getting more out of your HR case management solution, or anything else. Further, ensure that the provider is always available during business hours to let you quickly sail through the issues.

Do not forget to ask these questions:

  • Is there a dedicated support department?
  • How can I connect for support – email, chat, call?
  • Do I need to pay for support? 
  • What is the average waiting time for a support call?

Leena AI approach: Leena AI involves its clients from the development stage and facilitates them to test the HR case management solution for two reasons. The first is to acquaint them with the system as early as possible and the second is to deliver the perfect solution, based on the client’s business requirements. Our seamless and incredible support has earned us loyal and repeated customers.


Every organization is unique in how they manage their employees’ queries. Owing to this, customization has become a prevalent feature in the HR case management solution. 

Although it is easy to be lured into an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solution, it does not work that way when it comes to individual case types. 

The right case management solution should have the capability to adapt and keep pace with the organization’s evolving needs. Other areas where customization is required include tasks and workflows and integrations.

For instance, if an HR wants to access the centralized dashboard for analyzing all the types of queries raised by employees, then they can customize the dashboard and apply filters of their choice to view the metrics that matter to them and their organization. The parameters could range from average resolution time to agent’s performance, and ticket trends. 

Leena AI approach: Leena AI’s HR case management system offers complete customization to enterprises depending on their requirements. The AI-driven virtual assistant lets you get an overall view of the number of cases and their status across and within different categories. This data helps HR leaders figure out which issues are most relevant and need immediate attention. 

Role-based access (RBAC)

Having the capability to share data with specifically whom you want to, is no more a requirement, it has become a necessity now! Sharing and giving access to confidential, sensitive, or even general information to everyone is not a viable option for organizations nowadays.

That is why having role-based access in the organization stands as one critical feature.

A well-designed HR case management system that offers role-based access capabilities consists of built-in rules for each role, such as HR head, HR VP, and CHRO, to ensure data integrity and protection from unauthorized access.

For example, the HR business partner would likely receive a very limited view of the platform. They would probably have access to unidentifiable metric data but no access to edit or delete information.

Leena AI approach:  Leena AI’s HR case management system offers robust access controls to organizations to ensure that authorized employees have permission to access the right information at the right time. This enables organizations to manage their compliance with little effort.

Our AI-driven case management solution also offers flexibility to provide and restrict access to individual (sensitive) cases, based on the employee’s role.

Analytics and Reporting

An HR case management system that offers a centralized place to manage tickets along with business intelligence tools, such as reporting dashboards, charts, graphs, and other data analysis tools is what you should look for. This way, HRs find it easy to evaluate the metrics, identify the trends, and make informed decisions.

HRs can gain invaluable insights into the most common queries of employees and how long it usually takes to resolve cases. With desired details, HRs can refine their processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and objectively measure the potential impact of an HR case management solution on the organization. 

For instance, if HRs observe on the reporting dashboard that most US employees are confused about the leave policy, then HRs can arrange a session for those employees and simultaneously add more clarity to that question in their knowledge base. 

Leena AI approach: Leena AI’s HR case management solution has an easy-to-use interface with in-built reporting and analytics capabilities. HRs can gain actionable insights into the strategies by measuring trends, roadblocks, and opportunities. As a result, HRs can course-correct themselves and improve bottom-line performance.

The case management system solution straightforwardly provides information to help leaders proactively gauge employees’ satisfaction rates on the efficiency of responses. 

Intuitive interface for both HRs and employees

An HR case management system is a business-critical system that your HRs will spend a huge amount of time using. It is therefore essential to evaluate how user-friendly and intuitive it would be to use for both HRs and employees.

Archaic user interfaces can lead to frustration and a massive drain on your HRs bandwidth. Contrarily, an immaculate interface is clear and makes it simple for employees and HRs to take the appropriate actions and find the relevant information they need.

There could be a possibility that you might get excited about the sleek interface of the case management system. But if it takes you a minimum of 10 clicks to complete your menial tasks like raising or closing the ticket, you might be evaluating an inefficient system!

Leena AI approach: Leena AI’s HR case management system is easily adaptive and user-friendly for both HRs and employees. It ensures that HRs stay organized and complete their administrative tasks efficiently with a unified dashboard. And employees get access to the relevant information at their fingertips via a conversational virtual assistant. The significant time and energy you will save with our solution can be channelized towards driving your business growth.

PS: We offer a free live demo of our products. Book a demo of our case management solution to know how it can fit your organization!

Faster time-to-market

Buying software solutions for your organization is no easy feat. To ascertain that you have chosen the right solution partner, take a look at the solution provider’s plans to optimize and update the HR case management solution over the long term. Pay special attention to how the vendor collects and prioritizes customer feedback and addresses their concerns. Ask about the product roadmap to see where the provider wants to take this case management solution in the future.

Not only this, keep a tab on the security updates of the HR case management software to protect your employee’s data against any theft.

Leena AI approach: Leena AI takes software updates and security seriously – to stay agile and safe, and keep its clients excited about new features. Leena AI proactively prioritizes research and development to add new features, improve the interface, and ensure faster time-to-market. We are a forward-looking company that believes in offering the best value to our customers for years to come.

Other Features That You Should Look For, Include:

Features of the best HR case management solution
  • Security – To safeguard your employees’ data from intruders and abide by data-protection laws.
  • Multilingual capability – To address your global employees seamlessly and improve their overall experience.
  • 24*7 accessibility- To let employees gain access to the relevant information without any dependency on the HR team.
  • Multiplatform reach – To help employees raise and resolve queries anytime, anywhere on their preferred platform.
  • Scalability – To ensure that it meets the needs of a growing employee base and your business too.
  • Cloud-hosted – To ensure security, accessibility, and automatic updates from anywhere, anytime.

Deliver employee experience meaningfully in the age of AI & automation

AI-driven HR case management solution

If you are one of those organizations still mulling over the best HR case management solution provider and delaying its implementation, then you are limiting your business from tapping into the potential advantages of artificial intelligence, flexibility, and ease offered by our case management solution. Our advice? Book a FREE demo of our HR case management solution to see how it can help you!

HR case managementVirtual Assistant

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