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How an Automated HR Document Management Software Ends HRs’ Paperwork Miseries?

Managing piles of employee documents is among many responsibilities that an HR professional is accountable for in an organization. Add to it – the manual edits and updates to keep the information relevant and available all the time! That is why it is no longer feasible for HRs to rely on traditional methods for storing and managing critical employee-related documents.

The ideal way to counter this cumbersome process is by empowering HRs with HR document management software (DMS). It can end the paperwork miseries of HRs and enable them to focus on improving the overall employee experience. 

A reliable document management software reduces the time an HR spends on administrative tasks., incentivizes the HR department to focus on strategic issues such as employee engagement and facilitates quick resolution of employee grievances, scheduling employee events, and training.

Read this blog to learn more about HR document management software and how it can help your HR department handle documents efficiently. 

What is HR document management software?

HR document management software, also known as HR DMS, is a centralized electronic system that acts as a document repository. The software helps the HR department store, edit, update, and manage all the vital employee documents, thereby improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the HR department. 

Moreover, it’s instrumental in enabling employees to easily access and search all their documents, forms, procedures, and policies using advanced search on any device, irrespective of location.

How does an HR document management system increase HRs productivity?

HR document management software

HR departments that still use manual paperwork frequently find their schedules cluttered with employee handbooks, manuals, and policies. On the other hand, HRs who use a centralized document repository find it convenient and efficient to manage all paperwork in one place. 

Since an HR DMS makes the organization of documents much easier for your HR personnel, they will have more time on their hands to lead processes or resolve employee queries. 

Let us look at other significant benefits of HR document management software:

Centralized system

An HR document management system centrally stores all the relevant and essential documents. It enables HR leaders and stakeholders to track all employee-related documents in one go.

Quick access to documents 

HR DMS acts as a single source of truth for storing all employee files and essential resources of the company. The software allows employees to retrieve any document they need, no matter where they are. Employees do not have to run to HR and wait for days or weeks to complete their documentation.


An HR document management system increases efficiency by several notches. It stores all vital information like employee registration numbers, identification numbers, resumes, and educational documents in a centralized system. An HR DMS makes information retrieval much easier for the HR manager for documentation across the employee lifecycle. 

Fewer mishaps

Doing manual paperwork is time-consuming and prone to errors. A robust HR document management software, however, ensures accurate completion of the documentation process, reducing the chances of human errors.

Data security

Your company’s documents are invaluable assets for an organization. If not managed properly, it can bring tremendous harm to your organization. An HR document management software ensures that only authorized employees can access the company’s crucial and sensitive documents.

Easy updating

HR document management software is a cloud-based platform that allows authorized employees to access and update their details whenever required. This practice makes it simpler and easier to keep documentation up-to-date for both HRs and employees. 

Saves expenses

Manual document management involves a lot of paperwork, such as printing, ink usage, printer maintenance, and high electricity bills. An efficient document management system ensures minimal paperwork, leading to minimal costs for printing.

Top nine features that you should look out for in an HR document management software 

Features of an automated HR document management software

Advanced document management software should possess the power of ease, simplicity, customization, and flexibility, to name a few, to make it effortless to use. Here are other essential features that you should look for in an HR DMS:

1. Regulatory compliance

An HR document management software should ensure that your organization stays compliant with all document-related regulations. An efficient HR document management system empowers HRs to remove redundant information based on user attributes and document types. It helps HRs keep documents updated and organized for easy access. The system should retain documents in accordance with corporate and government regulations. 

2. Security

Uploading documents in an encrypted form is a must-have feature in your HR document management solution. Without a proper security interface, HR DMS will not be beneficial for your organization. The risk of information outsourcing will lead to compromised interests of the company. Ensure that your chosen HR document management software offers role-based access capabilities for authorized access to confidential and crucial information of the organization.

3. Integration

While selecting a provider for HR DMS, ascertain that the solution encompasses integration capabilities with other tools and platforms. It will enable HRs and employees to access the documents 24*7 on their preferred platform.

4. Automation 

Modern document management software should come with automated workflows. It should include efficient and customizable workflows for the collection of information, updates as per the employee lifecycle and job role, company-wide requests for more information, and similar. Automation reduces the need for manual intervention and simplifies the documentation process at an organization. 

5. I-driven

Collecting data is of no use if the organization or the HR department is not able to derive insights from it. The same holds true with documentation, and that’s where choosing an AI-driven HR DMS comes into play. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the DMS can then help categorize documents and pull insights about employees, such as demographics, skill sets, and more, to lay down actionable items for the department. 

6. Employee self-service

Your HR DMS will lose its essence if employees have to search different folders and files to access information. This is why it is essential to have an HR document management system that offers centralized storage of all the information and facilitates employee self-service. It enables employees to quickly retrieve and manage their information seamlessly without assistance from HRs. 

7. Document dashboard

Your  HR document management system must have a user-friendly document dashboard. It helps keep track of the collected employee documents and finish the audit trail from day one until deleted from the system.

8. Sharing space

Before choosing an HR document management software, you should see if it allows the management to share important documents with the employees in a common space. The common sharing space should accommodate multiple users to work on documents simultaneously. 

It is helpful, especially if your company has teams that work remotely from different locations. All the team members can use the common sharing space to collaborate on projects regularly with improved synergy. 

9. Approvals and acknowledgments

While collaboration is key to an ideal document management system, it is also essential for the HR department to have complete control. 

For example, the HR DMS must enable you to automate workflows like employee acknowledgment of new policies and approval from key stakeholders for purging old documents.

How can Leena AI help HRs manage documents efficiently and boost employee satisfaction?

Leena AI's HR document management software

Choosing the right HR document management system for your company is necessary for a better employee experience. Leena AI’s HR document management software can help you achieve that and beyond. It provides a centralized platform to help HRs store all the employee documents throughout their life cycle. 

Leena AI’s AI-driven document management system ensures hassle-free management of documents via a conversational virtual assistant. It seamlessly integrates with existing tools to automatically store all documents in a centralized location and provide access to all authorized users.

Our document management system sends HRs gentle reminders to keep a check on security and compliance. HRs can automatically set purge deadlines to prevent any legal quicksands. Further, the leaders can also see the type of documents employees are accessing and even find instances of unauthorized access.

Ready to manage your employee documents with Leena AI’s HR document management system? Book a demo of Leena AI today


What is an HR document management system?

HR document management software helps the HR department eliminate manual paperwork. It facilitates them to save, organize, manage, and track employee documents, forms, manuals, and procedures on one centralized platform. Employees and HRs can access relevant documents swiftly through the HR DMS. 

What does HR document management software do?

HR document management software reduces the workload on the HR department of a company by taking care of the documentation of employees through one centralized system. It is handy, especially for large organizations that handle colossal data daily. An efficient document management system assists HRs in navigating paperwork and avoiding human error in documentation.

What is the use of HR management software?

HR document management software automates repetitive tasks and quickly resolves document storage-related problems. The software is vital for maintaining employee payroll, onboarding, and offboarding tasks.

It also helps in evaluating employees’ performances and managing employee feedback. Document management software is critical for employee self-service, improving employee engagement, and overall experience. 

Why do we need document management?

With a sound document management system in place, your company can generate better analytics, lessen the workload of the HR department, boost productivity, and improve the employee experience. 

HR document management systems can help organize your company’s files, modules, handbooks, and forms in one place. The centralized platforms make it easy for the management and the HR department to keep track of all the critical documents, pace up the workflow, improve accuracy in documentation, and provide employees with 24X7 access to records from any part of the world.

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