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Introducing Kanban Board to Manage HR Tasks and Employee Tickets

How do you keep a tab on all the employee tickets (cases)? You probably do it on the Leena AI application. Most of you, thanks to the pandemic, have started receiving more cases than usual and it has become tougher to organize the cases, prioritize urgent cases, and browse through cases in different stages. To keep you relaxed and work smartly, we’re launching the ‘Kanban board’ view for all of you who are using the Leena AI case management product.

Leena AI already helps you answer repetitive employee queries automatically, hence reducing the number of tickets to answer manually.

Currently, you use Leena AI’s employee helpdesk app that lets you browse all tickets in a paginated list view. Let’s say you have multiple tickets to resolve on a given day. Instead of going through tens of pages, you can now select the Kanban view that will make it easy for you to locate your tickets based on their current stage (open, acknowledged, in-progress, resolved, blocked, etc.)

Not only does this reduce clutter on your Leena AI tickets view, but it also reduces the hassle of prioritizing cases and resolving the urgent ones.

How to switch from the list view to Kanban board view

Why Kanban board view?  

The conventional list view can be cumbersome when it comes to managing large teams or work across multiple stages and resources. Browsing through the data of hundreds of tickets and updating progress can be inefficient leading to confusion and delayed action. That’s where drag-and-drop card views come in. The ability to instantly view, update, and act on work in progress makes it easier than ever to keep your teams focused and productive. You can display all tickets as cards organized in columns (we call them Lanes), and instantly update progress by dragging cards.

“Kanban boards offer a way to visually manage your work.”

How to drag and drop a card on the Leena AI Kanban Board

The Kanban view will help Leena AI customers take case management to a new level with the ability to instantly view, update, and act on progress. You can organize cards by status, priority or assignment to an HR team member. You can also manage work progress, team or resource availability, and team performance.

Benefits of the Kanban Board View

With Kanban boards, you can:

  • Visually see work in progress
  • Prioritize work
  • Instantly understand impediments and take steps to remove them
  • Improve communication between yourself and your team
  • Inspire team collaboration
  • Increase focus and productivity

Understanding the Leena AI Kanban View

Leena AI Kanban view case management
Leena AI Kanban board view

The Leena AI Kanban board view comprises the following parts:
Lanes: Organize cards on the board into vertical groups. These groups represent the stage of the tickets, such as Open, Acknowledged, Blocked, Resolved.

Users can move cards from one lane to another to update the ticket that the card represents.

Cards: Represent individual tickets that you assign to the agents.

Kanban individual cards case management
A representative card on the Leena AI case management Kanban Board

Each card comprises the following details:

  • Description of the ticket
  • Assignee name
  • Requester details
  • Category
  • Age of the ticket/ Created date
  • Priority
  • SLA Level

The priority of the tickets could be identified from the colour of the left edge of each card:

  • Low Priority as Green
  • Medium Priority as Orange 
  • High Priority as Red

Filter Board: On the kanban view, the applied filters are visible in a horizontal block above the lanes. The user can remove these labels from the view from within the filter board.

Kanban view case management filter
Filters available on the Kanban board view

You can apply the following filters on the Kanban board:

  • Assignee name
  • Requester name
  • Creation date
  • Category
  • SLA
  • Priority
  • Ticket status

We hope these enhancements will bring you joy. To get started using Kanban Board view simply login to your Leena AI account, contact your Leena AI Account Manager, or write to us at for more information.


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