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Workplace Safety: Launching Leena AI’s Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite

Ever since the pandemic hit the globe and changed the way the world works, the question of when, if, or how to ensure workplace safety has been an emerging concern for the corporate diaspora. The safety of workers (also known as worker safety and occupational health and safety) is defined by the provision of a safe working environment, safe equipment, policies, and procedures in order to ensure employees’ health and safety.

While most of us continue to find these answers, one thing that the pandemic has established is that the hybrid work model is here to stay. And every organization needs to tweak its strategies and plans keeping that in mind. 

Working with a distributed workforce in a streamlined manner can be quite daunting and requires both, HRs and employees, to constantly switch between multiple touchpoints to stay updated in these times of uncertainty.

As the world begins to reopen and workplace safety becomes the need of the hour, we took some time out to understand what the new normal mean for HRs and employees. The added onus of ensuring workplace safety has now suddenly come to reside with the HRs and admin staff, and this means endless documentation for tracking employee vaccination, keeping a close watch on employee health, collecting RT-PCR reports, and managing in-office employees and visitors. 

Our firm belief in automating manual tasks and ensuring business continuity even in the face of disruptions has got us where we are today. We look at the pandemic not as a derailer but as a nudge in the right direction towards digitization. Many organizations have been resisting technological transformations, but the pandemic has served as a gentle reminder that workplaces of the future will be fueled by technology.

After streamlining employee case management, transforming employee engagement, automating employee workflows and query resolution with conversational AI, we also wanted to solve the conundrum of the hybrid workplace model. We wanted to create a single platform that would empower HRs to track and record employee health and vaccination, help create a roster for in-office employees, simplify interdepartmental collaboration, and ensure workplace safety. 

So we built the Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite.

Making Workplace Safety a Priority

While many employees are enjoying the flexibility of remote work, others still are waiting to get back to physical office spaces. Numerous organizations are already collecting data on employees’ vaccination and health status to structure a well-thought-out back-to-office plan.

The HR and admin staff are tired of sending multiple manual reminders and creating infinite google forms to keep all the information in a centralized place. An employee may feel great one week and not so great the next, HR personnel are stuck keeping track of all this while individually approving return-to-office requests. Employees are confused with all the forms that are floating on different channels in the organization and often need assistance in identifying where to upload their personal information.


Challenges in the status quo:
  • Unavailability of real-time information about employees’ health. 
  • Manual collecting of employee data, approving return to office requests, and assigning spaces.
  • Decrease in organizational productivity because of being preoccupied with manual tasks.
  • Employee safety at risk.

One-stop Shop: The Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite

Leena AI’s Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite aims to revolutionize and streamline enterprise employee experience, especially for the ones coming back to work. We built the Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite, keeping in mind that while the virus continues to work around the clock, ensuring workplace safety has to stay a step ahead of it.

Instead of having multiple touchpoints to keep track of employee health and assign workspaces, the Covid Response Suite asks employees to upload their vaccination certificates, submit their negative test results, regularly screen employees, create a roster of employees on a rotational basis, and set up custom workflows as and when needed.

Leena AI’s Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite empowers teams with workflows and analytics that capture employee information necessary to maintain workplace safety. The automated suite of solutions helps organizations save time and resources on endless manual documentation.

Here are some highlights of the Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite:

  • Employee Vaccination Tracker
  • Healthcare Declaration
  • Roster Management
  • Custom Workflows

Employee Vaccination Tracker 

Organizations can maintain a record of employees’ vaccination status to ensure they are workplace-ready. For the partially vaccinated, organizations can run trigger campaigns to encourage or remind employees to get vaccinated.

Healthcare Declaration

Regularly prompt employees to upload test reports or health declarations or initiate health checkups if they feel unwell. This way, organizations can benefit from taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Roster Management

Based on employees’ vaccination status and health declarations, organizations can easily create a roster of employees on a rotational basis and take preventive actions wherever necessary.

Customizable Workflows

Depending on an organization’s needs, one can quickly set up custom workflows with minimal deployment time. For example, organizations can request specific workflows such as ‘Request for PPE kits,’ ‘Request a workstation setup,’ etc., whenever necessary.

Summing Up…

The world of work is undergoing constant change, and HR teams are often caught in the midst of it. Several lockdowns later, one thing is constant – workplace safety takes precedence today. This makes it crucial for organizations to begin redefining work and health policies and ensuring a safe and productive environment for workers. 

Our Covid Response Suite has emerged from the current needs of HRs and organizations. It gives all the stakeholders the immediate support that they need without having to spend endless hours on it. You are not only simplifying things for your HR department but also providing a great employee experience.

By addressing these issues through automation, Leena AI is empowering your employees to prioritize the work that matters most and to leave the manual intervention to our suite of smart solutions.

At Leena AI, our mission has always been to better enterprise employee experience, and create the best possible solutions for our customers. By building the Covid-19 Workplace Response Suite, we are making the future of workplace safety a reality.

Way Forward

Having a return-to-work strategy is compelling in these times. We wanted the Covid-19 Response Suite to be accessible to more people, without adding on to the number of apps they have to use. Leena AI has, thus, partnered with the Microsoft AppSource, a trusted collaboration tool used across enterprises, and launched the Covid-19 Response Suite app on Microsoft Teams to empower and equip teams with the right tools for managing workplace safety.

Take the first step toward workplace safety.

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Bhuvi Kathpalia, author, Leena AI
Bhuvi Kathpalia

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