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How AI-powered HR Case Management Software Boost Employee Experience

Manually responding to employee queries is the biggest obstacle that HR departments face in delivering effective help desk services. From recruitment to onboarding, payroll, and offboarding, they have to respond to every query or request that comes their way.

It makes HRs feel overtaxed and leaves them with no time to focus on high-value business tasks and strategies. Not only this, but it also hampers employee experience significantly. Employees no longer want to reach out to HRs for every concern. They prefer to self-serve themselves and find answers instantly. It has made AI-powered HR ticketing systems imperative, irrespective of the company size and industry.

Read on to know the what, why, and how of AI-powered HR case management software.

What is AI-powered HR ticketing software?

An AI-powered ticketing software is an issue-tracking software that acts as a central platform for HR-related queries. It helps manage and maintain employee queries from submission to resolution and unburdens the HR team from repetitive tasks. 

The automated ticket resolution software systematically collects and organizes all the support requests submitted by employees over various channels like email and WhatsApp in a single, unified dashboard. It leverages automation to facilitate the immediate resolution of issues. 

Why should organizations use AI-powered HR case management software?

Automated HR case management software

Here are some of the reasons why automating ticket resolution via an AI-powered HR case management system is worthwhile for organizations:

Simplifies communication and collaboration among departments

Ensuring fast query resolution requires the collaboration of different people and departments. 

AI-based ticketing system consists of a virtual assistant to triage the issues to the correct department and accountable team member. The employee-facing teams have the access to see who is handling the issue, does it need some intervention from business leaders, or how much time a support agent is taking to resolve the query. This way, it ensures transparency in communication between different departments. 

Organizes a high volume of requests in a centralized location

Without automated ticket resolution software, keeping track of all the support requests becomes cumbersome, let alone process them. But the capability of cataloging and storing all the incoming requests in a centralized location is one of the advantages of an AI-enabled HR case management system. 

This way, issues that need immediate attention can be prioritized without losing track of other employee support requests. As a result, the questions do not pile up, and HRs can deal with them all at once. 

Classifies employee support requests

When it comes to assisting employees, organizing and categorizing the requests is very crucial. This way, you can prioritize crucial ones and avoid severe escalations. 

Implementing an integrated AI-driven HR case management software with a knowledge base helps you deal with such situations more effectively. It empowers employees self-resolve their queries. The AI-powered virtual assistant in the HR case management software resolves tier 0 and 1 issues instantly without bothering HRs.

Consolidates interactions into one thread

AI-powered ticketing systems work smoothly across different channels and touchpoints. The automated HR ticketing software integrates the conversation into one unified thread, even if you communicate with them over multiple channels and platforms.

It allows employees to continue via channels they prefer or switch when resolving an issue. Moreover, if the employee deals with a different executive, every interaction between them gets saved in the original ticket. That way, no information gets lost. 

Keeps context of previous resolutions

The HR team comes across different employee scenarios daily. It becomes difficult for them to track previous interactions manually. The more people the company hires, the trickier it becomes. That’s where the AI-driven ticketing system can help you. 

It stores all the information within the ticket itself and helps the HR team know all the previous conversations and issues. This way, they can stay updated about the problems, and there is no need for different members of the HR team to ask the same questions repeatedly. 

Improves relationships with employees

The present world runs fast, and be it your employees or customers: no one likes to spend much time on repetitive tasks. An AI-powered HR case management software enables employees to resolve their queries swiftly with prompt responses from the virtual assistant. And if employees want assistance from HRs, the case management software allows them to raise tickets and triage them to the concerned support agents.

Further, employees can check the status of their tickets whenever they want and continue to communicate with the respective HR executive through the system’s internal messaging facilities. Even if the conversation needs to be continued by another representative, they will still have access to previous exchanges. The AI-driven ticketing software also lets employees enjoy a consistent and tailored issue-resolution experience. 

Increases HR efficiency and productivity

AI-driven HR case management software uses automation to organize, store and process employee requests. The centralized ticket management platform makes it easier for HRs to identify and prioritize issues requiring immediate attention. This way, automation brings increased efficiency and productivity to the HR department, helps them avoid human errors, and ensures faster ticket response time. 

Keeps track of fundamental metrics and KPIs

You can’t improve what you can’t measure Peter Drucker.

That is why using AI-driven ticketing software becomes even more critical in measuring the quality of employee support and overall experience.

The ticketing software has built-in reporting capabilities. It allows HR teams to track various employee experience metrics and KPIs, such as ticket volume, ticket resolution time, initial response time, service level agreement compliance, the productivity of support agents, and channel utilization, to name a few.

These indicators are the foundation for examining different elements of your HR operations. Further, AI-powered analytics provide actionable insights into areas where your service operations need improvement.

Leena AI’s automated case management software consists of an AI-powered HR analytics dashboard to let HR leaders gain visibility into different metrics. The metrics showcase satisfaction levels, pain points, engagement levels of employees, HR agents’ performances, and much more. See how it works.

Adds to your professionalism 

Manual processing of employee requests is bound to result in disorganization. It results in unnecessary delays, making your HR department seem unprofessional and negatively impacting the employee experience. 

An AI-driven HR ticketing system will help you avoid scattered communication by storing all the tickets in a centralized platform. HRs can solve problems faster without overlooking any issues. Proper organization and prompt resolutions show their professionalism. 

The prompt actions while solving problems show your employees that you value their time and that their grievances do matter. This increases trust among employees, and they do not hesitate to communicate their concerns. 

Enables understanding of the sentiment behind the tickets

The modern workforce expects empathy from their employers. To create an impactful strategy for a better employee experience, you need to know about the employee sentiments related to work and professional life. 

AI-driven ticketing software does not limit itself to just the words of the ticket. Instead, it dives deep by sending out interactive surveys to all employees in a personalized and timely manner. The software evaluates the feedback to decipher their sentiments, respond empathetically, and give you an overview of their feelings.

Leena AI’s HR case management platform not only resolves employee queries but also understands the intent behind their requests. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to analyze their sentiments and provide personalized responses. The AI-driven ticketing system also rolls out surveys regularly to know the pulse of employees. It evaluates the data and keeps HR leaders informed about employees’ overall experience at the workplace and suggests the corrective measures to take at the right time.

How to choose the right HR case management software?

HR ticketing software

Opting for a new case management software can be daunting. There are plenty of automated ticketing systems available in the market with a variety of functions and features. So, choosing the right one for your organization can be challenging. 

To choose the right AI-powered HR case management software for your company, you should consider the following aspects:

Determine your needs and decide on a budget

While investing in feature-rich ticketing software is smart, going overboard with the budget is not advisable. Weigh your priorities and business needs first.

Because of the wide range of automated ticketing solutions available in the market at different price ranges, determining your needs and priorities will help you decide on a budget for the right software. Start by gauging the required features and your budget. 

Choose between an on-premise or a SaaS solution 

The difference between a SaaS solution and an on-premise solution is that the former is hosted and managed by third-party vendors, while the latter is hosted in-house. Which solution will work the best for your company depends on many factors, including your budget, objectives, security requirements, and overall company culture. 

One of the benefits of a SaaS solution is the easy implementation, as the service is readily available on the internet. However, if you choose unreliable software with compliance issues, you may run into security problems or shadow IT.

On the other hand, the on-premise implementation takes much longer for installation. Not only does it need more time in terms of planning but also in execution. While it gives an organization more control over the system, the flexibility is far less regarding accessibility. It is also more expensive and takes up increased infrastructure. 

Determine the features you want in your HR case management software

Not every feature of AI-powered case management software is relevant for all organizations. First, identify all the features you need for delivering employee support.

For example, pick a solution with multichannel access if you use multiple communication channels while interacting with your employees. 

Language barrier will be an issue if your workforce consists of a culturally and geologically diverse group. In that case, go with software that supports multiple languages. 

Here are some standard features the system should include– 

  • AI-powered virtual assistant
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Analytics

However, the best way to go about it is to opt for AI-driven ticketing management software that supports customization. You can tweak the system according to your requirements. 

Leena AI’s HR case management software is a multilingual platform that seamlessly integrates with 200+ third-party tools, like Workday, WhatsApp, Slack, ADP, etc. With our AI-driven solution, organizations get the flexibility to customize the software based on the desired functionalities.

If you are interested in seeing how it can work for your organization, schedule a demo today!

Do not forget about security 

AI-driven ticketing system stores all the information centrally. If it does not offer bulletproof security, then sensitive data, like employee information and trade secrets, can be compromised. So, ensure your chosen software provides infallible security measures to safeguard your data from breaches.

Check if the system integrates with third-party tools

An AI-driven ticketing system should integrate seamlessly with other organization tools to streamline different internal processes and workflows. Implementing a flexible solution saves time and labor costs and reduces the chances of human error by eliminating the need to enter data across various software. 

Such an open network of data sharing improves interdepartmental communication, optimizing operational efficiency. So, before choosing an AI-driven HR case management software, check if it integrates with other systems. 

Leena AI provides seamless integration with platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft teams, Workday, etc. It helps HRs stay connected with employees no matter where they are.

Assess the scalability of your chosen solution 

To yield long-term benefits, you need to be thorough with the scalability capabilities of your automated ticket resolution software. Examine if it would provide the same efficiency when you grow your business and team. 

Here are the factors that can affect the scalability of the ticketing software– 

  • The maximum number of user accounts
  • Single or multichannel system
  • New verticals in your organization
  • Data storage capability
  • New CRMs or other integrated systems

Test the shortlisted ticketing software 

Before making a monetary commitment, test the software first and see if it fits your requirements. Sign up for a free trial of the software and check which one best suits your support requirements. 

However, not all the features are available in the free software versions, so be very careful while taking the final call. You can ask your support agents to test the software since they will be the ones who will be working with it. 

Looking for HR case management software that meets your requirements? Explore Leena AI

The mentioned features are essential to choosing the best HR case management software for yourself. Leena AI is a one-stop solution as it encompasses all these features and much more.

The AI-driven virtual assistant resolves employees’ queries in real-time and saves HRs time to focus on strategic business tasks. The virtual assistant constantly learns from employee interactions and updates the knowledge base to deliver seamless and hassle-free experiences to employees.

Leena AI’s HR case management platform encompasses an analytics dashboard to provide HR leaders the visibility around employee experience via different metrics. These include average ticket resolution time, employee satisfaction rate with answers, engagement levels, support agents’ performance, and much more. The insights ensure HR leaders take adequate steps to improvise the process, if required, and boost employee experience significantly.

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What is an automated HR ticketing system?

An automated HR ticketing system collects, organizes, and seamlessly processes employee requests. Your employees can track their tickets through this platform and see the progress and status. 

What are the benefits of AI-driven HR case management software?

AI-based HR case management software saves time by organizing all the tickets in a centralized platform, makes internal communications seamless, measures essential employee engagement KPIs, and improves relationships between HR and employees.

What is automated ticket resolution in machine learning?

Automated ticket resolution combines the power of AI, process automation, and advanced machine learning to fetch answers to employees’ queries within seconds. 

What is AI-powered ticketing?

AI-powered ticketing enables employees to raise any concern or doubt through its software. The system leverages machine learning and produces detailed reports with valuable insights. 

How AI helps in employee case management?

Integrating AI in HR case management automates creating, organizing, and resolving tickets concerning employee issues. Further, automation reduces the expenditure on data processing, enhances efficiency, and automates workflows.

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