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How to Use Your HR Service Delivery Software for Enhancing Employee Experience?

Employee experience has become an overriding objective for organizations. The reason is simple: happy employees are productive and so they are more likely to stay with the company longer. 

According to McKinsey, more than 70% of employees who are engaged at work perform better than those who are not. On the flip side, another report highlights that disengaged employees cost American businesses $550 billion annually in lost productivity.

Undoubtedly, HRs play a significant role in shaping the employee experience from recruitment to onboarding, transitions, and offboarding. HRs also create a positive company culture and promote employee well-being by ensuring they understand the needs of their employees.

However, all these responsibilities overwhelm HRs and take a toll on their bandwidth, especially in remote and hybrid work setups. As a result, they cannot focus on strategic goals for business growth. This is why HR service delivery software (HRSD) has become critical to delivering superior employee experiences.

HRSD systems can help the HR department boost employee experience with the help of intelligent automation and real-time insights into aspects like engagement, satisfaction, and support at work. It further helps them evolve business processes and practices to boost the productivity of the bottom line.

This blog showcases how to use HR service delivery solutions effectively for improving your employees’ experience.

What is HR service delivery software? 

HR service delivery software

HR service delivery software helps the HR department support employees throughout their lifecycle. It enables HRs to recruit new employees, onboard them, manage their performance, and support them throughout their journey in the organization. It is an invaluable tool for any company looking to help its workforce be more productive, effective, and engaged. 

An HR service delivery solution ensures that companies deliver HR services more efficiently and cost-effectively. It combines service center and helpdesk technology to simplify complex HR operations and ultimately enables organizations and HR personnel to interact with employees seamlessly and provide consistent support.

Unlike traditional HR systems that are often cumbersome and expensive, modern HR service delivery software is easy to use and requires minimal training. Besides, it offers more flexibility, customization, and scalability features than conventional software.

In addition to offering a better user experience, HR service delivery solutions allow companies to provide employees with services such as benefit details, policies, payroll, documentation, and timekeeping in one place. It eliminates the need for employees to navigate multiple applications and resources to find relevant information.

HR service delivery solutions also help companies automate the workflows of different processes, such as onboarding, document management, knowledge management, and offboarding. As a result, it improves the employee experience, empowers them to self-serve and resolve their queries instantly, and liberates HRs from administrative tasks.

What role does an HR service delivery solution play in boosting digital employee experience?

HR service delivery software 

Your HR service delivery software is a powerful tool that can help you enhance the employee experience. Here is how you can make the most of it: 

Help employees get the information they need

Often, employees require help to find the information they need and answers to basic questions about HR policies and benefits. HR service delivery solutions help mitigate this problem by giving employees a single place to go for all their HR needs. When you use HR service delivery software, you can provide employees the platform to navigate 

information from policy manuals to FAQs and raise requests directly from the software.

Leena AI’s HR virtual assistant helps organizations automate all HR processes and deliver employees the experience they seek. HRs also get free from administrative tasks and find it easy to focus on enhancing other aspects of employee experience. It empowers employees to instantly resolve their queries and requests around policies, benefits, payroll, documents, or anything that concerns them through self-service.

Improve employee satisfaction

Nowadays, employees want more transparency from their employers. Organizations can use the HR service delivery software to help employees gain visibility into the status of their tickets or submitted requests. This helps them improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and turnover rates significantly.

Leena AI’s case management system gives employees visibility into the tickets they raise. Employees can see which HR agent/employee-facing member is addressing their issue and how long it will take to resolve the query.

Handle crucial moments of the employee lifecycle

An employee’s lifecycle tells a lot about their overall employee experience in the organization. If their experience is good, they prefer to stay longer; if not, they leave early.

However, HRs do have a choice to ensure the former happens. HRs can leverage HR service delivery software to boost employee experience throughout their journey. You can manage vital moments like onboarding, training, performance reviews, salary revisions, documentation, etc. through the AI-powered platform. This ensures that employees have access to the tools they need to succeed at work and feel supported by their employers throughout their careers.

Leena AI’s HR service delivery suite is a one-stop solution for enhancing your employee experience throughout their lifecycle. From recruitment to preboarding, onboarding, transitions, and offboarding, it has all the software you need to ensure your employees feel happy, productive, and contented. 

The seamless HR workflows help with faster request approvals and smart service. HRs can even create customized workflows using Leena AI’s zero-code workflow builder. Schedule a demo to see how it works.

Throw light on employee needs

An HR service delivery software can help you improve the employee experience by making your company understand the needs of employees and ensure their pain points are addressed timely.

Leena AI’s HRSD solution can combine with an employee engagement platform and help organizations roll out surveys at defined intervals to understand the pulse of employees, the problems they are facing, or any support they require from the enterprise. The engagement platform evaluates the collected data and highlights areas where HR leaders need to take action to improve the process or address pressing issues.

Reassess your mindset across the board 

The key to improving the employee experience (EX) is by reassessing your mindset across the board. It means rethinking what you think HR does. EX is not just about managing employee records and processing paperwork—it is also about providing services that employees need and value, like career assistance and benefits management. 

The more you can do to align with those goals: the more your employees will see your department as an ally and part of their success at work.

It is vital to ask yourself: what kind of employee experience do you want? Do you want your employees to be happy, or do you want them to be productive? How do you plan on achieving these goals?

By answering these questions, you can align your HR service delivery software, pinpoint where your current HR practices are falling short, and then work towards improving those areas.

Provide role-based access to employees 

An HR service delivery solution allows HRs to define role-based access and let authorized employees access the relevant and required information. Employees can access information about policies, insurance, benefits, compensation, and others pertaining to them. 

For instance, if an employee resides in the US and wants to see their leave policy, they might not be interested in knowing about the leave policy of Indian employees. So, when HRs set role-based access, employees see valuable information without getting overwhelmed with a lot of information.

This functionality safeguards organization-related data, protect it from intruders and breaches and improves employee productivity, satisfaction, and overall experience.

Make personalization possible

HR service delivery solutions help organizations create tailored employee experiences for each individual at every touchpoint from the day they step into a company until their last day. 

An HR service delivery software allows companies to implement growth plans based on employee preferences and skill sets, leading to more engaged employees. HRs can use HRSD software to create seamless, personalized experiences for each employee based on their career stage, location, and needs.

Ensure unbiased performance review

HR service delivery software ensures a more positive and unbiased performance review process. 

Using it, HRs can give employees a fair and timely review and ensure that there is no room for bias. It helps HRs track performance and review employees’ work by making the relevant information available at their fingertips.

The software also allows you to provide real-time feedback to keep employees on track and increase their engagement during and post the process.

Help employees adapt to technology and changes

Adapting to change is critical to being successful at work for employees. Few employees can react quickly and effectively when they find themselves in new situations, and those who struggle with this often feel overwhelmed by the need to learn as soon as possible. 

One way in which HR service delivery software helps employees adapt is by providing training materials that are easily accessible and easy to use. This makes it easier for employees to adopt new software, learn about its capabilities or even learn a new process.

Summing up

HR service delivery software

Organizations are adopting AI-powered HR service delivery solutions to craft exceptional employee experiences throughout their journey in the organization. 

The HRSD suite of Leena AI automates entire business processes to eliminate administrative tasks for HRs. This way, HRs can focus on providing more interactive and engaging employee experiences. Its multiple features include customizations, personalization, multilingual capabilities, and seamless integrations with other tools besides flexibility and scalability. 

The analytics capabilities of the HRSD solution also give HR leaders comprehensive visibility into different aspects of employee experience, including tickets raised, most frequently asked questions, documents accessed, policies viewed, and other actions to gauge their satisfaction levels. These capabilities make it the best fit for people-centric organizations looking to enhance their HR digital transformation.

Eager to discover how Leena AI can help you transform your employee experience? Book a demo today.

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